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Post Game Quotes - Jan. 13, 2009

by Blue Jackets Staff / Columbus Blue Jackets

Colorado Avalanche (3) at Columbus Blue Jackets (4)

January 13, 2009 – Nationwide Arena
Post-Game Quotes

Columbus Blue Jackets Head Coach Ken Hitchcock
Commenting on tonight's game…

"It was a sense of urgency on both sides. There were times when neither teams' defense could handle the other teams' forwards. We felt comfortable when it was 4-2 and nervous when it was 4-3."

Commenting on helping goaltender Steve Mason
"I don't think (Steve) was happy with his game today. It's about time we bailed him out and we did that today. That's what makes a good team, when you recognize that your goalie isn't having his best night, you go out and do things for him."

Commenting on the importance of Jakub Voracek’s goal to tie the game 1-1…
"That (goal) was important for us because we were struggling to create scoring chances. They were defending down low, hard and well. When we got it 1-1 it energized us for the start of the third period."

Commenting on the team's confidence…
"We are willing to do anything to win a hockey game, from a work standpoint. If it's not pretty, at least we're working. Tonight wasn’t a masterpiece, but we worked and we stayed with it, we battled. The people in the stands really recognize that right now. (The fans) won't let the team drop their level (of play). I feel it on the bench, they are demanding that we keep going and I haven't felt that since I started coaching here (until now)."

Commenting on the veterans play…
"We needed the veterans to get going today. They didn't have fast starts out of the gate, but they got going. I thought when we put Voracek up with Umberger and Huselius, that line played better and I thought Peca, Modin and Filatov played well together. I thought the change there helped both lines and both played well in the third period."


Columbus Blue Jackets Player Quotes
Blue Jackets Right Winger Jakub Voracek

Commenting on tonight's game…

"We are back in a playoff spot and we’ll try to keep it up. I think we had a lot of opportunities in the first and second period, too. I think what was very important was the third and fourth goal. We played good defensively this game."

Commenting on scoring his goal…
"When he (Huselius) went behind the net I knew he was going to pass it back to me. I just threw it back from the backhand and I was lucky that it went in."

Commenting on getting back to the 8th playoff spot…
"It's a goal all year and we are there right now, but we've got another game on Friday, another big game."

Blue Jackets Center R.J. Umberger
Commenting on tonight's game…
“We got off to a slow start but I thought as the game was going along we looked like we were frustrating them and we were taking it over. We knew if we were tied or better going into the third period we could take the game over and win it."

Blue Jackets Defenseman Mike Commodore

Commenting on recent injuries to Blue Jackets…

"Yeah, it (stinks), but at the same time it gives a chance for guys to come up and play. It gives a chance to guys that don't usually play all the much to play a lot more and that's been great."

Blue Jackets Center Michael Peca
Commenting on his goal in tonight's game…

"Fortunately for me, pucks seem to be finding me. I missed an empty net that I was unhappy about, but pucks seem to be finding me and this time I was able to find the upper half of the net and finish it."

Commenting on tonight's game…
"We like scoring the goals in the third. We don't like giving them up. I think we've got the team now that can win games in the third period. We're sticking with it, we're showing a lot of poise and a lot of patience from what is a very young team right now. We're getting great contributions from everyone in this locker room right now."

Visitor Quotes

Colorado Avalanche Head Coach Tony Granato

Commenting on tonight's game…

"A little bit. They jumped on a couple plays. It seemed like Razor (goalie Andrew Raycroft) was upset he got bumped into a couple times right before both those goals in the third. So they did a good job knowing that he's been on his game of getting to the front of the net and trying to interfere with him and probably got away with it a couple times, but that's how you're going to have to score goals, especially with how tight these standings are. Every one of these games is so meaningful. The way you score goals is ugly, and they were able to get away with it a couple of times being in our paint and bumping into our goalie."

Commenting on tonight's game…
"The way both these teams have played you figured it would be 2-1 or 1-0. You didn't expect to see that many goals, especially in the third period. Again, it was a lot of pucks just thrown at the net trying to win battles for opportunities. Obviously, they were able to do it a little better than us tonight."

Colorado Avalanche Left Wing Ryan Smyth
Commenting on scoring his 299th career goal…
"Well obviously you'd like to close it with 300, but it's not about that. It's about winning, and in this case, we didn't find a way to win. I just want to help the team. If I can help them by scoring, great."

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