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Post-Game Quotebook: March 22

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets


MARCH 22, 2013


We take you around the Blue Jackets' locker room and into coach Todd Richards' post-game press conference, with post-game quotes from tonight's game:

Head Coach Todd Richards

Sergei BobrovskyOn the flurry of goals in the 2nd period:
I thought the intensity wasn’t there [to start the period]. There was no energy. We certainly weren’t doing anything on the ice to create energy to get the fans into it. To be honest with you I was worried the way the game was going. They hit the post and we come down the ice and Nick scores. And from then on, for about two minutes – then the game was over with.

Our third period was better. I think what got some intensity in the game was after it was 4-1, they had a couple hits. That raised the emotional level and you could feel it on the bench. You could see it out on the ice. Once our emotional level and our intensity got into the game, our game was a lot better, especially in the 3rd. It forces you to focus. And because we were focused our execution was better, our decisions were better and we got the 3rd period we did.

On the fourth line getting rewarded with a goal:
You are happy for those guys, probably more than anything else. You know how they fit in on the team because the whole bench is happy when those guys score. You can see it. Boller scores the first one – everyone on the bench was happy. I think there was as much excitement when Colton scored. Guys were sincerely and truly happy when he got his goal. Because they know how hard he works and the things that he does. And same with Boller and MacK. They do the dirty stuff. They don’t always get the glorious ice time as far as power plays and opportunities to score. They don’t stop being good teammates. That is why you pull for guys like that.

Sergei BobrovskyOn Arty’s drive to the net and did it inspire the team:
He made a good play. That was a strong play. I sensed it more once the score got to 4-1 when Giordano hit Brass and there were a couple others. You could sense it was coming. You could see on the faces on their bench that they were not happy. That is what you get sometimes when games get like that. It forced us to get emotional and get some intensity in the game.

On homestand and going 8-0-4 and getting back into Playoff race:
I think if you ask anybody in the hockey world they probably never would have imagined this. All we did was take it game-by-game. I think once the guys got the first win against Colorado – Arty scores the overtime goal – the confidence. The shootout against Edmonton. You could sense it, feel it. The guys in there believe right now and that is a real powerful thing when you believe.

On going on road:
It is a great challenge and we all have to embrace it. We have no choice. I think in life and in hockey, the things that are harder are more rewarding in the end. This is going to be a great challenge for us. We have to embrace it and focus on the first game, we can’t get ahead of ourselves by any means. Starts with the first game against Nashville. We are a pretty confident group but I guarantee Nashville will be ready. I guarantee that Vancouver will be ready. That is one fo the things about winning. You almost become a marked man. We can’t get under the radar now based on what we have accomplished here, we have put ourselves right back in it. It is going to make it that much harder. But the size of the rink doesn’t change. So nothing in our game has to change, we have to continue to do these good things. I am looking forward to it. I hope everyone in the room is looking forward to it as well.

Jack Johnson

Opening statement:
Nice not to have to go into overtime for a change.

Speaking about not letting up:
We wanted to make sure once we got the 4th it was our goal to get the 5th then a 6th. That's how you have to play, you have to keep the foot on the gas; teams are too good, and there is too much parody in the league to let up at the end of the game… especially with a whole period left.

To finish this home stand without a loss in regulation:
It has put us in the position we want to be in… makes it exciting for the end of the year, and makes it one step closer to reaching our goal.

Nick Foligno

On the energy of the second period:
When they hit the net, it kinda started to get everyone going, and then we were able to get one on the next shift.

It’s great – gets the energy going on the bench. It’s a huge boost for our team – you go from a 1-1 tie to it being 4-1, and we were able to keep the lead and never look back.

On scoring two goals in 0:51 seconds (and almost getting a hat trick):
It’s always in the back of your mind – you’d love to get that, but I’m just really happy with the way we played tonight.

It was nice to contribute. It’s about doing the right things, and our line was, and I was the one being rewarded on our line tonight.

On the success of the home stand:
That says a lot about our team and how we’re playing. Each and every guy plays an important part. Everyone’s being able to contribute.

We understand how important this was. We understand that if we’re gonna make a push for playoffs, it was gonna have to come on our home stand.

Everyone’s been playing great, and you’re seeing every line contribute. That’s so big, and I think it makes us so dangerous, and I think that’s why we’re getting the wins.

Anticipating the road trip:
Our job is not done. We understood that this was a great place to start, at home… now I think we have 12 games on the road to finish out the season.

I think we’re a team that’s built to play on the road as well – we’re a gritty, physical-style team. I don’t think anything is gonna change and we just have to stay the same.

On playing strong in front of Bob:
We take so much pride playing well in front of him because he’s been playing so well behind us. Like I said, he’s been our rock for our team and a big reason why we’re 12 games unbeaten. We want continue that, but we know we need to continue to get goals for him and to step up and play real solid in front of him.

Colton Gillies

On scoring his first goal of the season:
I was happy to get that monkey off.

It felt great. One of the best feelings in the world when you’re a hockey player is scoring a goal.

Again, like I said before, I’ve been trying to shoot the puck more. When I got the chance in the slot like that – I don’t get too many opportunities in the slot like that so I wanted to fire it.

Jack kept it in and saw me wide open in the slot. I was hoping he wasn’t going to chip in the corner because that’s kinda my game.

On building the lead:
It was big, but at the same time, I know coach made a big point about last game and finishing every shift – it doesn’t matter how much you’re up.

We owe it to Bob, too. He has been playing awesome, and we need to help him out more. We can’t just let off the gas.

Key for the road:
I think hard work is our key – that’s what we build off every game. We all bought into the system. We have to show up and make sure we’re skating and have our legs under us.

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