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Post-Game Quotebook: April 12

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets


April 12, 2013


We take you around the Blue Jackets' locker room and into coach Todd Richards' post-game press conference, with post-game quotes from tonight's game:

Head Coach Todd Richards

Did this feel like Playoff hockey? “There were lots of things about this game that reminded me about playoff hockey. For me it has been a long time, too, too long of being involved in Playoff games. To me it was the speed, the intensity, the environment, the crowd. It has some nastiness. For me, it was a great hockey game – enjoyable game. Obviously it was more enjoyable because we came out with two points. Didn’t like the way we started so much but we have to credit St. Louis. We were watching instead of playing the game. I think once we got our legs it became a good game.”

On the young guys' play: “All of our young guys have been really good all year. Playing in a game like this is a great learning experience. The pace is faster the intensity is there. We had some guys tiptoeing into the game – by the second period we were all into it. The second period was a difference. Third period we were so-so, we didn’t manage it the way we should have. We found a way to win a big hockey game.”

On St. Louis playing the night before: “Sometimes it is easier in these back to backs. We had two days off. The adrenaline is there because they played the previous night. And then it wears off a little bit and Bob withheld the fort until the troops arrived and once we got into it we were able to capitalize on our opportunities.”

On the pace of play: “It is that emotional line you have to walk. Getting to that level without becoming undisciplined. I thought we were okay with it. Boller takes one early but we want guys to finish checks. They are going to make the call every now and then. They made the call. It was one of those games. Lots of intensity. Lots of physicality. That is what you want. Once our players got into it the team toughness guys sticking together. You want to see how your guys are going to react when this is going on. I like to see the guys on the bench really having each other’s back.”

Mark Letestu

On the penalty kill: “We have been riding our penalty kill all year. Coming up with big kills all the time. Especially Boller’s penalty. We like him playing aggressive and not holding back. For him to take a penalty like that and for us to kill it off, gives him the freedom to keep doing it. It was a big kill for a lot of different reasons.”

Was it a plan to get in the crease tonight? “It is usually always the plan to get traffic and bodies in there. There was an extra concentration on that tonight because they hadn’t given up any [goals] in the last three. We knew there were going to have to be some dirty goals and they don’t give up a lot and for us to get four on them, I think that is something to be proud of.”

Ryan Johansen

Better to beat these guys (Blues): “Yeah, they’re in our division. It’s always a little more fun beating a team in your own division. We’ve have some good battles, they kind of had our number this year, so it was nice to finally beat them.”

Physical game: “A lot of stuff that goes on out there, maybe a missed call, but you have to keep that level of focus. I thought at the end of the game we kind of got a little careless, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. You have to keep your focus for the full 60 and hopefully get the results.”

Scoring: “It always feels good scoring a goal.”

“You could watch the scoreboards every night, teams are going to win hockey games… you have to worry about your own business. We just have to keep on chipping away one game at the time, and do what we do best … that’s win hockey games.”

Grown man game: “It always feels good scoring a goal.”

“I noticed it right away... I had a lot of fun out there, our team played a great 60 min game, that’s what we need down the stretch.”

Cam Atkinson

"We're a team that doesn't back down, and we came right back out and got a goal and tied it up, and finished the game off with a win."

"I didn't really see it, I know Matty touched it for sure, but I think the most important thing is, the puck ended up in the back of the net, so I'll take it."

"We knew we needed to play a full 60 minutes; we're fighting for that last spot in the playoffs."

"We got the job done."

"Obviously, we owe a lot of credit to our fans. They seem like they're getting louder and louder as the games go on."

"It's nice to finish it off with that little couple of wins there, but it's a touch stretch we're going to face."

Going on the road: "As soon as we get on the plane and get to Minnesota, we're going to focus on them. We're going to enjoy it right now, but like I said, it's a huge game tomorrow."
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