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Ottawa ... CBJ's Stanley Cup

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

June 19

It is time to shine. It is time for the scouts and management staff to strut their stuff and show their talents. Having been the in the war room at this time of year, it is not always pleasant. It is the time where arguments prevail and emotions run high… at least they should if scouts have opinions on players that differ. Open discussion on the top prospects get heated and the strong belief and boisterous scout with the ability to debate will out way and bury the scout that has the eye of an eagle but is afraid to put up an argument on the player, or players he wants and wishes to be part of the program now.

The CBJ management team will be evaluated, not next week, but a few years from now when all of the decisions are made and the players get an opportunity to show their ability. The questions will fly today, tomorrow and next year… Were the trade(s)/no trade(s) pertinent to the success of the team? He was traded for who? One of the only forwards available and he slid through the first 6? Numbers 6 and 19 for him?

Fans are now in a position to flood the HF Boards, talk radio and interactive TV draft shows. Their beliefs will be bulging with ridicule, sometimes with positive praise and agreement. There will be some with the same opinions that the war room will be going through right now. It is interesting to listen to the rhetoric and form your own opinions.

The Cup will not parade around the city tomorrow, but it is a major step in the "plan for Stan."

Stay tuned as the next couple of days will bring the city back into hockey mode!!


*Throughout the season, AAA brought you the Broadcaster's Blogs - "Davidge Dishes" and "Rimer Ramblings". The Columbus Blue Jackets broadcasters will try to keep you updated on all the offseason action through their blogs, especially when the Blue Jackets draft, trade for and/or sign new players.

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