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Nick Moutrey media transcript

by Staff / Columbus Blue Jackets

Nick Moutrey met with the media after the Blue Jackets selected him at 105th overall in the fourth round of the NHL Draft. The following is a transcription of the media scrum at Prudential Center.

Q: How happy are you right now at this moment?

Nick Moutrey: “Words can’t describe really how happy I am. It really is a dream come true and to join a fabulous club like Columbus is just an honor.”

Q: You sit up there all day on a day like this. It’s weird because every round is in the same day, so you’re sitting up there and waiting and waiting for the name to be called. Does it get nerve-wracking at any point?

NM: “It does, yeah, more so excitement. The nerves slowly get in the back – it’s nervous but it’s a dream come true.”

Q: At the combine the one thing that really stood out for you was the strength testing, and the fitness aspect of it. Did you talk much to the Blue Jackets? Did you have any idea that this might happen today with them?

NM: “Actually I had a good interview at the combine with Columbus and I was really happy after that. But coming today I didn’t really know, but I can’t be happier.”

Q: When you talk about the strength part of the game, how much do you put into the weight room and the work that you do to be ready to play?

NM: “A lot. In the summer I work out with Aaron Downey. He’s actually my trainer and Monday through Friday in the morning we just work on everything. That’s part of the game now—you have to get bigger and stronger and faster.”

Q: What things do you feel you that have to work on to start to take that next step? I know that this year was more of an offensive year for you - you had 16 goals this year. What other aspects of your game do you have to work on and get better at?

NM: “I’d say the first few steps. Obviously work on everything bits and pieces getting faster and stronger, but the first few steps right off the start; that’s where I need to improve on.”

Q: What’s your plan from now on? What are you going to do to hurry this trip to the NHL?

NM: “Just take it day in and day out and just work hard. Just be myself really, and play well on and off the ice.”

Q: I can tell you’re excited right now.

NM: “I am. I’m way too excited.”

Q: You can never be too excited for this.

NM: “It’s true, yeah.”

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