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Much (Knee)ded Rest

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

January 24

While Rick Nash and Stinger are entertaining the fans in Montreal and the rest of the players are with family or the single players are basking in the warm weather somewhere south, I rest comfortably in Dublin Methodist with a "new knee." It is certainly a bear getting old when things begin to deteriorate in the body. This is my third surgery since July and hope it is that last for a while!! So just like the CBJ are in the playoff race, I am hanging in there right there with them.

The road trip to the western reaches of Canada was like my surgery. You knew what was going to be in store during the procedure, but you weren’t quite sure how it would turn out. Vancouver was a game that showed the emotional highs and lows, but the 6-5 shootout win was leaving everyone giddy, just like the drug induced inter-venous I took prior to surgery. The Edmonton game was a real pain in the "you know what" as Edmonton scored two late goals to dismantle the high flying Jackets. The pain was extruciating to the mindset and the psyche of the team, especially when 2 cogs of the wheel that run the squad were left for wounded. (Peca and Huselius would be lost for the back to back game with Calgary) That really hurt….much like the way I felt all day Friday with tubes running everywhere from my knee, to my mouth and parts unknown.

The Calgary game was like my future rehab. Up one day/goal give one away… up one day/goal give one away… this continued four times in the contest only to leave the building saying we gave one away when we deserved better. The team battled hard and walked away wounded and holding their head high losing a heart-breaker 5-4 in a shootout.

But the break comes at a good time for the CBJ as well as me. We get a chance to heal and prepare mentally for the scheduled second half run for a playoff berth. No baby steps, but the plan is to make strides in a consistent manner. The straighter the line the better we are all going to be. The goal will be for the both of us, one foot in front of the other with hopefully very few distractions on the way.

Stay tuned!!

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