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Mixer's Mailbag: On Werenski, trade options & more

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

Back by popular demand (really, because I need something to do), the mailbag returns for a second straight year. Remember: send your questions to @RobMixer, and as always, food questions move to the top.

Nic Hendrickson @RedArmyNic
Do you think #CBJ would be better suited in re-signing Rene Bourque, or shopping the market for a better offensive fourth-liner?

I would think the Blue Jackets are prepared to move on and seek depth at forward somewhere else. Nothing against Rene Bourque, a good guy who was a pro through long stretches of healthy scratches this season, but it seems as though both parties would be better suited to go their separate ways.

If you’ve been following what’s going on in Cleveland, there may be several internal candidates pushing for full-time roles in the fall. Training camp is going to be quite interesting.

Mark Scheig @THWMark
What are we all missing with peanut butter and jelly rolls? Why is this better than other alternatives?

You’re missing out, plain and simple. The Fusian peanut butter and jelly roll is a delicacy and one that must be consumed AFTER a normal sushi roll. Think of it as a dessert or a “treat yourself” option: a flavorless soy wrap, white rice, peanut butter and jelly rolled up into sushi form.

It’s almost as good an alternative as the cheeseburger sushi I had earlier this year in Edmonton. Almost.

Ellie @EllieLyn38
Do you see Zach Werenski being up here next season?

I don’t want to commit one way or the other (because it’s dangerous), but in my mind, it would be somewhat of a surprise if Werenski does not begin the 2016-17 season with the Blue Jackets. Sure, he’s 18 years old and three months into his first professional hockey foray, but it doesn’t take an extended exposure to the kid to understand what he’s all about.

His game is mature far beyond his age, and the way he moves the puck and gets out of danger is an element the Blue Jackets will benefit greatly from. Good head on his shoulders, too, if we’re still tossing out clichés (it’s my mailbag and I’ll cliché to my heart’s desire, thank you very much). Everyone I’ve talked to – both inside the organization and externally – has been impressed with Werenski since he joined the Monsters, but those same people are quick to tell you it’s not a great surprise, because he was one of the most dominant players in NCAA hockey this season.

Vojtěch Balon @VojtaBalon
Hi @RobMixer, is there any chance that the Jackets would trade their 3rd pick for an elite player who would directly impact the team?

Qualifier: there’s always a chance for anything, right? But sitting third overall is a pretty good spot for the Blue Jackets. They can stand pat, pick No. 3 and get a really talented player. They can move down and get a really talented player that they want and potentially acquire another asset in a deal. The least likely, I would think, involves them trading out of the first round altogether for immediate help. It would take a home-run deal, in my opinion, but like I said before, there’s always the possibility for the perceived unthinkable to happen.

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