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Mixer's Mailbag: Offseason Vol. 7

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

Thanks to all who submitted questions for the offseason's seventh #CBJ mailbag. Hopefully, we'll get together every Thursday/Friday and I'll answer your questions, so send them to @RobMixer anytime.

This week's mailbag begins with another shout-out to our staff softball team, the Stealin' Stingers. Two straight wins, and we go for three in a row next week.

Roarke Boes (@roarkeb)
What is most likely solution on D: trade up for Hanifin, sign Franson, or trade for established top 4 NHL d-man?

Well, we know this: the Blue Jackets want to add to their defense this offseason. With that in mind, they have a few options to make that happen. There’s the free agency route, and the market includes names like Cody Franson (as you mentioned), Paul Martin, Johnny Oduya, Barret Jackman and several others. Trades, as we’ve discussed here previously, are also possible as the Blue Jackets have a surplus of forwards signed at the NHL level (and some talented kids coming).

I think the draft is the most unpredictable of the options you’ve listed. Could they trade up? Sure, if they believe the only way to get “their guy” is by doing so. They have the assets to move up. I don’t know who “their guy” is, mind you, but the Blue Jackets have options if they want to make a move.

Mike Howard (@AthosGid)
What do we need to happen to get a Winter Classic at (Ohio Stadium)?

Good question, and honestly, I can’t say exactly what needs to happen. But from what we heard out of commissioner Gary Bettman during NHL All-Star Weekend (when he specifically mentioned an outdoor game here), it’s definitely on the NHL’s radar – but WHEN it happens is up in the air. Next year’s outdoor schedule is set, and I don’t know about anything after that.

Ben Meszaros (@UnionBluez)
After signing in Sweden, does the CBJ still expect Dansk to participate in Dev Camp in a few weeks?

Hey Ben, good question. Right now, the development camp roster is still being finalized (for example, the Blue Jackets plan to bring in most, if not all, of their 2015 draft class) and we’ll know the final head count in the next couple of weeks.

At this point in time, the Blue Jackets are expecting Dansk to be here for development camp.

Mark (@THWMark)
Combine style question: Which Marvel superhero would you be and why?

This is an easy one for me, and if I were a prospect being interviewed, the response would be quite underwhelming. I’d go with The Hulk, because he’s tall. And I would like to be taller.

William (@WilliamEspy)
I might be too late, but do you see the Jackets making any moves at the draft?

I do, and simply because it’d be silly to say that I don’t. The draft is a wild experience, with rumors and speculation all over the place from the moment you touch down in the host city. It’s fun to follow and be part of, and it’s a point in the NHL schedule where everyone’s in the same place and a lot of teams have the same thing in mind.

GMs have already started laying groundwork for trades since their teams’ seasons wrapped up, and the draft is where you start to see some of those plans start to formalize – and also, new plans often come out of the blue. The Blue Jackets made the Scott Hartnell trade in advance on the draft last year, and they traded for Sergei Bobrovsky on draft day morning in 2012. It would not surprise me one bit if the Blue Jackets were in the trading conversation come draft day.

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