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Mixer's Mailbag: Offseason Vol. 5

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

Thanks to all who submitted questions for the offseason's fifth #CBJ mailbag. Hopefully, we'll get together every Thursday/Friday and I'll answer your questions, so send them to @RobMixer anytime.

Paul J. Sagan (@SaganPaul)
How about an equipment question, what's the average life of a player's stick how many games/practice before it's worn out? #CBJ

Every player has a different preference with sticks and equipment, but for this one, I asked our friend Jody Shelley because he’s always a good source of information (and he played in the NHL, so he's kind of a first-hand source). Jody said that, if you’re willing to push it, you can get a couple of games out of one stick but most players prefer to use a new stick for each game. And as we’ve seen, one millimeter in the wrong direction (even on a pass) and the stick can shatter into pieces, so you shouldn’t expect to see players go more than one game at a time with the same stick.

Jason Wilson (@metroscapeGuy)
How was your vacation?

Thanks for asking. It was awesome, and before heading out there, I had no idea what to expect from San Diego. I’d heard good things from a lot of people, but until you see for yourself, the jury’s out. Pacific Beach, India Street’s “International Restaurant Row,” the Gaslamp Quarter, the USS Midway Museum…

…In-N-Out (twice)…

PETCO Park is one of the coolest ballparks I’ve ever seen and I would go back tomorrow if I could. The weather was perfect all week long (high 60s-low 70s and sunny) even though the Uber drivers felt the need to apologize for it.

And if you’re ever in San Diego, do yourself this favor: go to the Lucha Libre Taco Shop and order the Surfin California burrito. Life-changing.

All out hockey (@Allouthockey19)
Do you think that the #cbj will resign Mark Letestu over this off season?

It’s probably too early in the process to wager a guess at this, but I know the player is interested in returning to the Blue Jackets. He said as much at multiple points throughout the season and reiterated his desire to stay here during the exit interviews.


Allow me to dig into my cliché bin for a moment and remind you that professional hockey is a business. The dollars and term have to make sense for both sides (duh, Rob), and in the Blue Jackets’ case, they’re going to be mindful of the number of young players pushing for spots this year and in the seasons ahead. The pipeline is loaded with forwards and that’s something to take into account when committing money and years. Can they commit multiple years? I guess we'll find out. I think this will get sorted out one way or the other as we get closer to the draft, but honestly, I don’t have any idea which way it’ll go.

robert dick (@Dickbobby3307)
If Nash gets his cup w/ NYR, do you think he will have any desire returning to CBJ?

I don’t think so. Both parties seem to have moved on.

Matthew Pfeffer (@PfefferFeff)
Do you have any details on Draft Par-tay or Development Camp?

It would depend on what you categorize as “details.” I have some information about both events, but they’re not yet ready for public release – it won’t be much longer, though. I promise.

The draft party is less of a mystery, you could say. It’s going to be here at Nationwide Arena on the night of the first round (Friday, June 26). Time, event details, et al will be available in the weeks ahead. I suspect we’ll know more about development camp not long after.

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