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Mixer's Mailbag: Offseason Vol. 2

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

Thanks to all who submitted questions for the offseason's second edition of the mailbag. Hopefully, we'll get together every Thursday/Friday and I'll answer your questions, so send them to @RobMixer anytime.

Jason Liebert (@jel779)
Do we think about trading away our draft pick in one of the best drafts in 10-12 yrs? What are the CBJ looking for if we do that?

I think it’s easy to tell you that “anything is possible,” Jason, but I don’t see them going the route you’ve mentioned. Unless in the rare circumstance they can make a deal involving their first round pick to get a top-four defenseman (something they’ll be looking for this summer, either via trade or free agency), I think Jarmo Kekalainen will use his first round pick, which currently sits at No. 8 overall. Now, in saying that, we open the door for another set of possibilities; saying “trade it away” infers they’ll make a deal and trade out of the first round, but again, I think that’s highly unlikely. Could they use some collection of assets to move up? Absolutely. On the other side of the coin, there may be a player high on their list who may be available a few picks later, so trading down might also be an option.

Jamie (@JD312)
Should we expect a new third jersey this year or anytime soon?

A jersey question! This is a first for the mailbag.

And now, to answer the question: no, and no.

The Blue Jackets’ current third jersey will return in 2015-16, according to J.D. Kershaw, the team’s VP of marketing. There are no plans to replace it with a new design in the near future. The upcoming season will be the sixth season (!) for the cannon-themed alternate sweater.

**and no, it’s not cursed.

/drops mic

Paul J. Sagan (@SaganPaul)
What do you think the future holds for Michael Chaput? Is he a NHLer or just injury/depth type player? #CBJMailbag

The door is open for Michael Chaput, Paul, and I thought he played well in spurts at the NHL level this season. He finally got that elusive first NHL goal on Dec. 18 vs. the Washington Capitals, and it was the go-ahead goal late in the third period. Unfortunately, the Blue Jackets went on to lose that game in overtime, but it was a pretty cool way for him to score his first career goal.

Obviously, we’ll have to see what shakes out in the summer with the Jackets’ forward group, which we already know is stacked/crowded/kind of like 670 at rush hour.

Actually, no. Nothing is more crowded than 670 at rush hour. I don’t know how you people in the eastern suburbs do it.

Can he be an NHL regular this fall? I absolutely believe he can, but he’s going to need a strong camp and to string together some solid performances along the way. He’s only 23 years old and I think that, if he takes another step forward here soon, he could end up being a real nice No. 3 center at the NHL level.

Nate (@zufelt16)
#CBJmailbag Do GMs usually have a team-issued cell phone or just have each other's personal numbers? #promiseimnotstalking

Just for kicks, I walked into Jarmo’s office and asked him about this. The answer is pretty much what you would expect.

Because GMs are constantly on-the-go, whether they’re in the press box watching a game, scouting in Europe, sitting in an airport, in a meeting, or relaxing at home, it’s much easier to send a quick email or a text message to get a hold of someone. Every now and then (say, deadline day or UFA day), that office phone with its conference call capability will get a workout but those instances are few and far between. Long story short: the answer is ‘yes’ to both of your questions; the company iPhone logs a lot of miles and minutes and GMs find it easier to communicate via mobile device with email and texting available on the ready.

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