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Marko Dano media transcript

by Staff / Columbus Blue Jackets

-- Marko Dano met with the media after the Blue Jackets selected him at 27th overall in the first round of the NHL Draft. The following is a transcription of the media scrum at Prudential Center.

Q: Can you describe your style of play?

Marko Dano: “I think I’m a two-way player with good hockey sense and I play well on defense and also the offense. So I can play a hard game – I play against men in the KHL so I’m tough I think. I’m not very (tall), but I have good puck skill and good passes, so I think I’m a play maker.”

Q: How often did you speak to Columbus?

MD: “I don’t know. Just one time and maybe during the season – I don’t remember it.”

Q: So is this kind of a surprise then?

MD: “Yes, I’m surprised.”

Q: Pleasant surprise?

MD: “Yeah.”

Q: Happy surprise?

MD: “Yeah.”

Q: Can you talk about your strength? I know people were worried about it but you did well with the medicine ball test at the combine. You are strong right?

MD: “I play against men, so I must be strong.”

Q: What are your plans for next season?

MD: “I don’t know. I hope in Columbus.”


MD: “I hope.”

Q: What do you think of when you hear Columbus?

MD: “They have very good players like Slovakian player Marian Gaborik. I’m happy I can be there, so that’s very good for me.”

Q: Is Gaborik your guy? Was he the guy you looked up to as a young lad?

MD: “Yes, I know him. He’s from the same city.”

Q: You’ve met him? You’re friends with him?

MD: “Yes.”

Q: How did you meet?

MD: “In the summer we went to the ice rink and would skate.”

Q: Does (the NHL) seem a long way away for you? Could you skate with him?

MD: “I think now. I play in the KHL, I played for the championship, so I think it’s close to being in the NHL.”

Q: If you don’t make the NHL this season will you stay in the KHL? Is that the plan?

MD: “It’s hard to say right now.”

Q: Would you play in the AHL if that’s what they thought was best?

MD: “When I go to play there I’ll do everything to make the first team.”

Q: When Gaborik was traded to Columbus, did you pay more attention to the Blue Jackets?

MD: “Yes, I think so.”

Q: If you were to come to Columbus for training camp and they thought you needed more seasoning and wanted you to play in Springfield in the AHL, would you say yes or would you go back to KHL?

MD: “I think I would say yes.”

Q: Will you come to development camp?

MD: “Yeah, I think.”

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