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Hitchionary III

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

Each year, I try to bring more of the hockey terminology that Coach Ken Hitchcock uses in his descriptors to the written, radio and TV media. Enjoy!!!

Development to Survival... the actual growth of the young players such as Brassard, Voracek, Russell, Mason, Methot and Boll

Right Their Ship... gets the team back to playing in a manner that is winning

Take a Deep Breath... regroup, analyze the situation and be careful not to jump into the fore-check too soon

Like Being Fed to the Lions... going into playing the Phoenix Coyotes for the first time this year, in this market with all of the ownership problems, the market must produce a winner

Dictate the Tempo... going into LA for the first time, the tram must puck hunt and check well from the drop of the puck

Track Meets... when the game opens up with rushes from one end to the other, often resulting in odd man rushes

Survival Mode... players bordering on being in the lineup or out

Game will Not be Awake for a long Time... pointed to players who are stuck in their games and not willing to make many changes to get up to speed with team needs

Competitive Areas... where the battles occur - front of the net, in the corners resulting in 1-on-1, 2-on-2 match-ups. The goal is to win these over the majority of 60 minutes

Get Through the Wall... find reasons to win, learn to win, make winning a constant in mind and body

Chase the Game... getting behind early and working to get back into that game when trailing

Product of Their Environment... talking about San Jose on why they succeed, the coaches and the collection of players

Manage His Game... Manage the Puck... know the parameters of talent or where and how the puck should go

No Team on Our Side of the Tracks... referring to Atlanta and their style of play and how it relates to the majority of western Conference teams

Heavy Minutes... minutes played by players dealing with the amount of time and who they are matched up against

Reckless Energy... referring to Raffi Torres and his style of play

Big Clouds Hang Over You... dealing with Carolina and how they were finding ways to lose games early in the year

The Hockey Gods are Making Us Pay Now... after a humiliating loss to Detroit that exposed some of the teams weaknesses

Tools in His Toolbox... a player that has the skills to develop, in this case a referral to Tom Sestito

Re-Invent Their Team... Nashville turns their team over so much the past 4 years, it is the job of David Poile and Barry Trotz to get the team competitive each year

Light on the Puck... play in the competitive areas is soft and with little second effort

Dull it Down...Dumb it Down...Pull the Reins Back... a more conservative, defensive mode of play as a team

Will Over Skill... players need to play with more desire and heart then relying on their skill and ability

Can't Win if You Don't Check... when the team plays the aggressive forechecking and back checking style in all three zones

Good Competitive Spirit... the team's identity with points in games at Nashville and a shutout of Florida

The Black Hole... the name given to the Sommett Center in Nashville. The CBJ have had difficulty in winning in that building

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