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Hitchionary 3 The Playoff Edition

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

Ken Hitchcock has the media savvy, the intellect but especially the terminology to communicate elaborately to the questioning audience.  He does it on a daily basis and has the utmost attention from everyone.... NHL.Com, the Hockey News, the local Dispatch, AP and TV and radio personalities and of course all of us with the CBJ TV and radio network.  Here are just a few of his “isms” that have dotted the penmanship and the airwaves across North America.


No Time to Re-Energize: taking the few days off before the series, the team needed to get back to work and regain the composure and discipline.  The team had not played like (the last few games) that all year!


Players Playing Below the Bar:  going into the playoffs, there was a concern about some of the key players not playing to their inert ability.


Past Reputations not Relevant: looking at possible line changes with Andrew Murray, it was let known that “who is in the lineup that matters”. ...”and I do not mean to be coarse”


Knowledge: what the Red Wings have at this time of the year when it comes to playing in the post season


Turn up the Temperature: what the Red Wings do at this time of the year, and as the CBJ are finding out, it is difficult to match


Dialed Up/Engaged: the defensive game that is much different by the Wings now than during the season...a sustaining effort to collective team play, especially on the defensive side


Hold Serve: what the CBJ needed to do when they returned back to Columbus for their first ever playoff game


Eliminate the Crack: the goal to play 60 minutes, but when given the opportunities to produce at each end of the rink, one must take advantage


All In: no weak links by the 20 players on the ice during the course of the game


Pressure/Position: to deal with the first ever playoff series, can the insurmountable pressure from the Wings be handled by the CBJ in experience....which then correlates to the task of playing within the confines of the team unit in every zone


Discouraged: the team works so hard and has nothing to show for it during the course of the game.


The goal of the CBJ is win game 4...for the fans, for the city and for themselves.  Selfishly it would be great to hear a few more dialogues from Colonel Ken for a few of us as well!!


Stay tuned!!

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