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Hello, #CBJ world: from BS Hockey

by Staff / Columbus Blue Jackets

“If you don’t stop tweeting about hockey, I’m going to unfollow you.”

Talking about hockey has never really been the most popular topic among my friends. I would bring up going to the Jackets game and often times I was met with a puzzled look.

Hockey fans in Columbus?

In a land dominated by football, I had decided to put my hockey opinions into a different social media outlet. I started BS Hockey (Buckeye State Hockey) with high hopes of becoming THE best hockey blog in Columbus. I came into the blogosphere ignorant of what was needed to obtain a modicum of sustained success.

My arrogance both helped and hurt. I tweeted brashly in hopes of getting the attention of others and thought my opinion was THE only important voice that needed to be heard. After some unsuccessful attempts of luring people into the blogging fold I was approached by my now good friend, Nick Biss.

He said plainly: “I like that you are unafraid to say what is on your mind, but I think you can expand your knowledge of the game.” It was then he suggested the idea of starting a blog that focused primarily on “fancy stats” and the Blue Jackets. It made sense to me; I had no idea what direction I wanted to take the site, I just knew that I wanted to have something different from the others out in the blogging world. Nick has given me the guidance to start the site that we see today.

Drawing from his experiences with The Hockey Writers and Hooked on Hockey Magazine, he knew how to appeal to readers, but what were our goals, where did we want to take the site? We realized quickly that we wanted to bring an inclusive atmosphere to the somewhat taboo subject of “fancy stats” in the NHL. Baseball went through a renaissance of sorts when dealing with multiple layers of statistics. It put the “nerds” who looked at the game in a different way to the forefront of fandom and analysis; hockey in my eyes could go through the exact same.

As an NHL outsider, I saw time and time again people being put down for not understanding a stat or not understanding the way the game was played. As a fan don’t we have a responsibility to be an ambassador of the game?

This platform has enabled me to do that for others in ways I never thought possible. Whether it be via email or on Twitter, we receive feedback (almost) daily from our readers telling us what they would like to hear. In a short time, we have added multiple writers who cover different facets of the game and I couldn’t be more proud of what they bring to the site every day.

We are grateful for the thousands who visit our site monthly and are always looking to expand our reach. Just recently we have started a podcast to join the great Blue Jackets podcasting community. DKM Hockey and The CBJ Artillery have set a high bar and we have enjoyed trying to live up to those expectations.

You can find our podcast on iTunes here ( In our short tenure in the Blue Jacket community, we have been at the forefront of advanced statistics and illuminating opinion pieces. Innovation is as important to our brand as our readers. You make this endeavor enjoyable day in and day out!


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