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Finally, The Rock has Come Back to the Ice

by Bob McElligott / Columbus Blue Jackets

January 22

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a sneak preview for the movie The Tooth Fairy, which hits theaters today. The movie stars Dewayne Johnson, who spent years on the WWE circuit as "The Rock." It's a story of a former NHL first round pick that has been stuck in the minors for years. He's turned into a tough guy who tends to knock opponents teeth out when making a big hit on them. That's how he got his nickname, the tooth fairy. He also has a problem with allowing people to believe that their dreams will come true, which is why he is sentenced to being the actual tooth fairy for a two week period.

I was going to see this movie because I loved Johnson as The Rock and because it was a hockey movie. From a hockey perspective, the movie was just OK. There wasn't a ton of on-ice action and a lot of what was there involved checks that would be called interference in a real game. Also, the character tells a little boy why he'll never have a shot at the NHL, while signing an autograph for him. What hockey player would ever do that to a young kid? They respect the fans, especially the kids, way too much to even think about it. Also, the number one prospect that is signed to play for the team acts more like he should be playing another pro sport. He's way too cocky and arrogant to be a real hockey player.

With all of that being said, I really enjoyed the movie. I think the message is good: Don't ever let someone try to take your dreams away from you. I had plenty of people tell me that I should get into a new line of work, in my early years of radio. They said it was fun, but I'd never be able to make a decent living doing it. I'm glad I listened to my inner voice and not to them. It's a feel good movie and Dewayne Johnson is very entertaining, even if he's not the world's best skater.

I give this movie a big thumbs-up. Get the family together this weekend and go see it. It gives you a chance to see a little hockey, and be entertained.

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