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Davidge Dishes Pregame against Chicago

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

November 7

The Chicago lockerroom was loose and ready to go prior to the game today.

Talking with James Wisnewski the young D-man with the Hawks was enlightening. About his scratch handicap in golf and his .500 batting average in high school and of course his hockey, professionally and internationally, James feels his dad allowed him to follow his heart and have fun and play the sports he liked to participate. It reassures fathers and mothers that letting kids do all kinds sports so to have fun in the so-called off season, allows for a fonder heart when hockey begins in the fall… my firm belief as well!!

Adam Burrish is a great story for overcoming adversity. Senior year in high school, he and his sister were in a severe auto accident. Adam broke his leg and was lucky to walk let alone play the game. We know the end result as he dawns the #37 for the Hawks, but the irony is that he captained the Wisconsin Badgers to a 2006 NCAA championship. His sister, who also played hockey for the Women's team, was also a captain and won an NCAA championship. She is currently enrolled in medical school. What a great story and what an admirable result

On the way to his pre-game meal, Jonathon Toews and I acquainted and talked only about college hockey. Miami ranks #1 in the NCAA while North Dakota has split the last couple of weekends and has moved down the ranks. We both would like to see a match up come playoff time.

Patrick Sharp, once a Flyer, is a fan of Ken Hitchcock and his coaching. "Look what he has done with the same team!" Respect goes a long way when winning in the eyes of players and even coaches.

Denis Savard is concerned about his team. He wants to give the guys another shot, but Lalime is in the nets. Inquisitively I asked the coach what he had planned against the Jackets tonight, he said "Yes"… in other words, watch and you tell me!

You have got to love it!!


*Throughout the season, AAA will bring you the Broadcaster's Blogs - "Davidge Dishes" and "Rimer Ramblings". The Columbus Blue Jackets broadcasters will try to keep you update on all the behind the scenes action through their blogs, especially when the Blue Jackets hit the road. The next road game is 11/9 @Detroit.

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