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Davidge Dishes about Shanny, Goalie Pads, Super Mario and more

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

August 15

Larry Wigge from has rated the best shoppers in the NHL and he has the Rangers and the Red Wings as a couple of the top teams to pile up commodities this summer. It took Larry ten teams in his list before he mentioned the CBJ. Nothing new for the boys in blue, it is about production once the puck is dropped to gain respect from the hockey world… Oh by the way the Hockey News has the CBJ ranking 12th in the west, with the Detroit Red Wings walking away with Lord Stanley in June.

Could Brendan Shanahan return to the St. Louis Blues in the fall? At 39 years of age, Shanny can provide the Blues some much wanted experience in the lineup. They have not offered him a contract but have contacted Rick Curran, his agent. They look to Shanny for some help in their special teams area, especially on the power play.

Secret meetings in Italy between Gary Bettman and Alexander Medvedev broke off abruptly. The word has it that the Commish threatened to take the NHL vs. KHL to court if nothing could be worked out… the response?... Bring it on and we will see how the Russian court system handles it

"I think it is fine the way it is now, everything is always the goalies' fault. It makes me laugh. Whenever there's something wrong in hockey, it's always the goalies' fault. Every player thinks our gear is too big."

-Pascal Leclaire in the Sporting News

Interesting that the topic of the size of goalie equipment has sparked a small nerve with Pazzy. But in Pazzy's way of shrugging it off he has a great comeback "Heck, I thought everyone blamed Gary Bettman when something went wrong."

Mario Lemieux is turning into a shrewd business man as he gets more involved in his investment of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He says the Pens had no intention on going anywhere, despite the struggles to get a new arena built in the city. The good news today is that ground has broken and they are on their way with a new facility.

College Hockey in the CCHA will have a new look as they adapt the NHL version of the shootout. It will be use to decide wins and losses only and will not have an influence on the Pair Wise Ranking to determine NCAA bids and berths. That should be fun for all, especially the players who love to dangle and show their skills one-on-one… Look for some highlites out of the CCHA on Sportscenter.

Word has it that Bryan McCabe who has waived his no trade clause and may be headed to Sunrise Florida in the next couple of weeks. No news on Sakic or Sundin at this time so



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