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David Savard becomes a new man after beard bounty reached

After original goal reached, there's still more work to do

by Jimmy Longo BlueJacketsNHL /

Well folks, the beard bounty was reached, and David Savard shaved his beard Thursday afternoon. At this point, the Beard Bounty has raised over $3,000 directly to the Movember Foundation. If you'd like to donate, feel free to do so here!

Although we haven't confirmed, we're definitely wary that Savy may be a bit cold on the ice Friday night against the Rangers. It's to be expected after not shaving since he entered the league. 

 Anyways, let's take a look at the process from start to finish.

LOOK MAMA! It's a brand new man!

Savard was admittedly nervous coming into the experience, but he came out of it unscathed. The 5th Line? Well, that is to be determined at this point.

To be honest, we will be too. We won't be surprised if arena security mistakes the large defenseman for someone not in the right place either.

It's okay Adam, all things grow back eventually, right?

We're sorry Rob but the deed is done and Savy is now sporting the face with skin as smooth as a baby.

After the beard was shaved cleaned up, and the pictures posted for the 5th Line to see, who was there to support his teammate and compliment him on his new look? None other than Pierre-Luc Dubois, who lives with Savard. The original comment before translation was in French, with the youngster undoubtedly having some fun with his fellow French-speaking Quebec native.

The best part about today was the message and the drive of the people in order to get Savy into the chair to lose his face hair, but right behind was the efforts of Barbasol. They graciously donated $5,000 towards the Movember campaign.

Going forward, fans have until the end of November to continually donate to the Savard's Beard Bounty. With the current number being over $3,000, our new goal is to raise up to $2,000 more. An anonymous donor has pledged to match the 5th Line's total donations by the end of the month up the $5,000! To donate, check out the campaign page here

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