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Adidas uniform an improvement for the Columbus Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets uniform offers minimal, sleek style changes that align more directly with the team's identity

by Allie Dosmann /

On Tuesday night, all 31 NHL teams revealed their new adidas uniforms. The Blue Jackets uniform offers minimal, sleek style changes that align more directly with the team's identity. The material is a huge bonus, as it incorporates adidas' innovative technology to maximize comfort and flexibility for the athletes on the ice.

This technology is specifically focused on making the jerseys lighter, cooler and stronger. These are all key advantages for the athletes. They are 19% lighter than the previous NHL jerseys, which is actually a pretty noticeable difference. The material is 133% more permeable, but still 72% tougher in abrasion testing.

All of this amounts to a very unique material. The jerseys feel like high quality athletic gear. There's no mistaking the new luxurious feel.

Video: The Blue Jackets release their new adidas uniforms

"Specifically created for elite performance, we've designed the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys to deliver advanced innovation and technical design for the world's best hockey players," said Dan Near, Head of adidas Hockey. "We build products for the creator athlete. Our mission is to help athletes perform better."

As for the jersey's style adjustments, the main changes are to the font for the nameplate and numbers, the collar and the sock striping. The Blue Jackets jersey font now matches what the organization is doing across the board and is more inline with the team's identity. It is the same font that is used on the cannon patch on the sleeve of the jerseys.

"We worked closely with adidas to preserve our team's current uniform identity when moving to the new ADIZERO technology platform," said Blue Jackets Vice President of Marketing J.D. Kershaw. "From a design standpoint, this uniform platform change gave us an opportunity to align our nameplate font and number system to be consistent with other current brand marks."

The collar features a sleek design, really showcasing the new, glossy National Hockey League emblem. The collars of all of the new uniforms are very comparable, which is definitely a stylish feature. The collar is more round than the previous uniforms, which looks fashionable with the new solid coloring.

The biggest adjustment that some might not have even seen is the new striping on the socks. The socks now feature small stripes that match the striping on the rest of the jerseys. It's a great example of how the team is generating a consistent, truly polished look organization wide.

The new jerseys from adidas are upgrades in every category. They are bringing the league to the next level in technology and style. Having a company this cutting-edge embracing the evolution of the league is a great thing for the sport of hockey and its growth.

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