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Are You Kidding Me????

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

December 19

This was such a great game. How can one be discouraged at the end of a 6-5 shootout game? It was a blast for the fans… all that scoring. It was an announcers dream to call 11 goals, when sometimes both of these teams lend support to efforts that include a total of five games and then score a mere 10 or 11 goals. It was a superb effort by the vendors who had a chance to sell the dogs, the brats and the peanuts to the fans that sat through 80 total face offs during the 60+ minutes of the game… 50%-50%.

It was such a great game that we witnessed a natural hat trick on behalf of the winning team. It was such a great game that the guy with the hat trick was also -1 on this given night… can you imagine that?... it was such a great game that another individual on that so called winning team had a goal and three assists and was even for the night. It was such a great game that we witnessed a team with an all-star goaltender allowing five goals on 28 shots. Certainly it was not such a great game for the one time Stanley Cup winner.

It was such a great game that one team set a team record with the fastest goal in the first period for the year, eclipsing the season record by: one second from the Chicago game. It was such a great game that at the end of the first period there were a total of four goals scored on a total of 11 shots. It was such a great game that a Calder candidate who just scored a highlight goal off the rush, left game with an undisclosed injury. It came after a fight with a respected young and talented physical combatant who had just leveled an NHL All-star. He had just been dropped by a good check by that rookie representative. It was such a great game that another battle ensued by a couple of old sparring partners who dance to the same tune a couple of months ago… but… this time it was not a two and half minute affair to the whole song, but rather a 12 second decision by the visiting contestant. It was such a great game that the same individual who battled with a friendly foe earlier then fought a guy that seldom fights… therefore It was such a great game that it turned out to be a great game with a surprising one punch affair. It was such a great game that the turning point of the hockey game began to slide and eventually move to the visiting team.

It was such a great game all night it resembled a Sunday affair for local factory workers who were just given their pink slips… what?... yes they knew they did not have to report to work in the morning and anything goes… so pond hockey, senior men's league play was the adjective crux for this tilt tonight. There was a rumor that both teams offered to shovel the ice between periods instead of the usual zamboni… why?… because it was a great game and everyone wanted to endure a childhood feeling on how this game was being played… and they did.

Another reason why it was such a great game was because the star of the video game 2K9 began to strut his stuff to the home team and the opposition. It was such a great game that the leader of this visiting team scored the first goal of the game and then the final tying goal with less than five minutes to go, to help insure his team a point.

It was such a great game that overtime produced one of the greasiest, gristliest, slipperiest, well earned goals of the game, as the eighth ranked face off man in the NHL drove to the net with the assistance with a little help from the opposition. It was such a great game that it only took a slim :14 seconds to produce the so-called final thread to begin the overtime period. It was such a great game the puck followed "this one time Dallas Star" into the net… off of his skate… as he was propelled… and wholeheartedly directly from behind… but… without a question from opinions from a cast of guys and gals who know the game, that this game was a great game tonight…


This game was such a great game… that the game was played in Dallas and was clearly decided in Toronto. It was such a great game… wasn't it?... enough said!!!

Stay tuned!!!!

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