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5th Liners of the Week: Shayna Louise & Beth Hunt

by Staff Writer / Columbus Blue Jackets


There are many diehard 5th Liners within the Blue Jackets community. One of those is Shayna Louise.

Shayna became a proud Blue Jackets fan in 2011 and it's been an awesome experience, she said. Thankfully, she was able to finally make time to get down to the arena after a few failed attempts.

“I always had an interest in checking out a game, but never seemed to make time to go,” she said.

But that all changed when she walked in to Nationwide Arena for the first time: “as soon as I went, I was hooked.”

You’ve probably seen Shayna around the arena. After all, she isn’t hard to miss. Nearly every game she attends, you will see her sporting a bright blue wig and her union blue sweater.

“It’s fun, and I’ve always loved doing crazy stuff like that," Shayna said of her wig.

Speaking of crazy, Shayna was one of the first Blue Jacket fans to become a 5th liner.

The day after The CBJ Artillery debuted the “We Are The 5th Line” tag on social media, Shayna came to the next home game with homemade 5th line shirts, signs, and hats!

“I really love that the fans started the 5th line," Shayna said. "It was totally an organic movement and that makes it unlike any other fan base. It's something that we as Blue Jackets fans can be proud of.”

There are plenty of things to love about how the 5th line movement started. Shayna’s favorite part was how it brought the fans together and helped push the Blue Jackets into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

There's a lot to like about the Blue Jackets, Shayna said, and it doesn't stop with the team on the ice.

“Our arena experience is the best," she said. "The players are great guys away from the ice, and we have a cannon."

(Hard to argue because everyone loves the cannon. It's beautiful).

In the span of four years, Shayna has become not just a fan but a part of a larger community - and that's what makes the Blue Jackets fan base so special, she said.

“I’ve connected with fans from all over the country and Canada," she said. "I’ve become friends with people I’d probably never meet otherwise, and it has truly made loving this team even more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined.”

If you know one thing about Beth Hunt, you know that there are two very important things in her life: The first is her energetic son Asher. Second is the hockey team that consumes most of her free time: the Blue Jackets.

Beth’s attention started turning toward Blue Jackets in 2008, when Rick Nash was named captain of the Blue Jackets. She also said that her passion and obsession for all things Blue Jackets didn’t start until 2011, when Todd Richards took over the reins as head coach.

“I had a friend from Minnesota who used to talk about Todd Richards," Beth said. "So I started reading everything I could about him. This lead to me watching (hockey) videos online. Then I made my friend teach me everything about hockey. I guess that’s when I kind of just fell in love with the CBJ and have been obsessed ever since.”

Living in Ashland, Beth makes her way to Nationwide Arena on a weekly basis to cheer on her favorite team as a partial season ticket holder and a passionate 5th Liner.

“Obviously winning makes the experience the best, but there is so much more than that going on," she said. "It’s this feeling I can’t explain. It’s an excitement way down in my bones. Just being there and feeling the energy of the 5th Line and watching the opening video. I have to ask myself ‘why didn’t I fall in love with hockey sooner?’"

Beth is active on social media and you can always find her tweeting up a storm. If her tweets don’t include something about hockey or the Blue Jackets, you’re following the wrong Beth Hunt. You'll regularly see her at the first intermission Tweet-Ups at the cannon, outside section 111 at Nationwide Arena.

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