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140 or Less: Sean Collins

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

Disclaimer: no one has better hashtags on Twitter than Sean Collins, a seventh-round pick of the Blue Jackets in 2008 who made his NHL debut in 2013 with Columbus. You can find him at @Whougunacollins (solid handle, right?) - but before you do, we chatted with him about Twitter, its perks and perils, and which teammate he'd love to hack.

Read on.

How many hashtags are acceptable per tweet?

        I’d say three or four. That’s it.

How does one determine which words deserve a hashtag?

        I try to use inside jokes, so people tagged in my tweet know what it is…but the general public won’t.

How many #bucciovertimechallenges did you guess correctly? Be honest.

       I guessed the last two, actually. No t-shirt.

Are you reading this, John Buccigross? Let's hook the man up with a t-shirt!

Why did you start your Twitter account?

       My buddy was telling me about it and said it’s a great way to keep up with news, friends and what’s going on.

Does anything make you regret signing up for Twitter?

       Not really. You might see people with a lot of followers get personally attacked. That’s the unfortunate thing.

Fill in the blank…Sean Collins is the Twitter king of ____?


Who would be your dream RT? (one person who you’d love to get RT’d by)

        I’d say Biznasty.

If you could give these prospects one piece of advice on social media, what would it be?

       You have to keep things light, be funny. Don’t take things too personally.

If you could hack one teammate’s account, who would it be?

       Michael Chaput. He’s got quite a bit of followers, and I’d kind of like to see those hidden direct messages.

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