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140 or less: Mike Reilly

by Kristyn Repke / Columbus Blue Jackets

Disclaimer: Defenseman Mike Reilly (@mreilly93) might not be the most frequent tweeter, but he definitely knows how to use it. With his follower count going up every day, as well as mentions and retweets from some pretty well-known individuals, Reilly sat down to discuss his Twitter past, present and future.

Why did you start your Twitter account?

       My roommate (from the BCHL's Penticton Vees) forced me to get it. He actually made my account. He gave me a shout-out and he had about a thousand followers. My account ended up getting 200 followers that first night.

Favorite account to follow?

       Paul Bissonette (@BizNasty2point0). He's pretty funny and has some good tweets. I love it when he chirps people too.

One person you would love to get a tweet from?

       During World Juniors, Jack Johnson (@JackJohnson3) tweeted at me. I think he was listing off the players with Twitters on the team then eventually he tweeted at me saying congrats or something.

Who would be your dream RT? (one person who you’d love to get RT’d by)

        Bissonette actually retweeted me once. I saw a Chicago Blackhawks game in Chicago and I saw him down below. We had to get a picture with him. He retweeted me right after I tweeted at him about it.

Who doesn't have a Twitter account that you wish had one?

      Jonathan Toews. I wonder what his tweets would be like because he's pretty serious.

What does your Twitter bio say?

       It just says Chanhassen, Minnesota, which is where I'm from. I guess I put that the first day I had it. I haven't changed it or really thought about it since. I would change it to "I go to school at the University of Minnesota" and maybe that I'm from the "Land of 10,000 lakes" or something creative like that.

Best tweet you've ever posted?

      I tweeted after we won the gold medal (at World Juniors) and I think it had over one hundred retweets. I think that was just because we won it. I tweeted about Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber) last night about him stepping on the Blackhawks' logo. So many people liked that. I don't really tweet that much but I've started using it a little bit more. A lot of guys on my team at the U give me a lot of crap for it, especially the young guys, so I've got to watch what I say.

If you could hack one teammate’s account, who would it be?

      A kid named Brady Skjei (@BradySkjei). He was drafted by the New York Rangers in the first round of the NHL Draft and he came into the team in May or June last year. He was tweeting all about the NHL Draft, the NHL Scouting Combine and the Rangers training camp so he got into some trouble for that. I would post something like "I'm the big dawg around  campus" and "don't get in my way" or something like that. I like to chirp him about his attitude and stuff.

What advice would you give to prospects who are thinking about starting a Twitter account?

       It's just fun to interact with people. I like to do a lot more following of big names and reading good articles and stuff. I don't tweet that much, but if they'd like to follow people for funny tweets, hear the news quick and kind of be an insider as well, go for it. Slowly grow, start tweeting more and learn from others, just how I am I guess. Before I was just tweeting at people and now I'm trying to get a little more creative and come up with my own things.

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