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View from the Ice: Prospect Camp - Day 1

by Vincent Hinostroza / Chicago Blackhawks

Throughout this week's Prospect Camp, Chicago-area native and 2012 Blackhawks draft pick Vincent Hinostroza will share his thoughts about his experiences in camp for

I had an early start to my day today – I was on a bus at 6:30 a.m. heading to the United Center. But no matter how early it was, it was the easiest wake-up call I’ve ever had.

Today was my first day of prospect camp with the Blackhawks, the team I’ve followed and been a fan of for my entire life. I couldn't have been more excited to head over to the United Center, to be inside the team’s locker room and to begin the next step in my hockey career. It wasn’t hard to wake up at all – I was ready to go.

The first part of my day was fitness testing. Most of it wasn’t too bad, except for the Wingate test. It was pretty terrible – I actually got a little sick to my stomach afterwards. I ran right to the bathroom after the test was over, but I felt great after that.

[Editor's note: For more on the dreaded Wingate test, click here to watch BHTV's feature on prospect camp fitness testing.]

The United Center and Johnny’s IceHouse are only about 45 minutes from my home. Over the course of this week, my parents, grandma, and other family and friends are all planning on making the trip over to Johnny’s. I'm excited to get on the ice and work on my game, and hopefully show what kind of player I am.

This afternoon, we were told that they wanted to evaluate our games today; we went through a bunch of stations and drills – some of them were one-on-one and battling types of drills, others were stickhandling and skating. It was fun.

My roommate for the week is [Blackhawks 2012 first-round draft pick] Teuvo Teravainen. It’s nice to be sharing a room with someone who I know a little bit – we share the same agent, so we had met before coming to Chicago. It was pretty easy knowing I was going to spend the week with him.

Tonight, all of the prospects are going out to dinner, and I think it will be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better.

All in all, I just want to learn all that I can and become a better player this week.

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