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The View from the Ice: Doing drills and making friends

by Roy Radke, with Jack Rossi / Chicago Blackhawks
(Amber Fry / Chicago Blackhawks)

Today at Camp we had position practice, doing few battle drills, working on specifics and getting to know our positions better. With some of the free agents gone, we’re combined with some of the older players, so it’s a little different from the past few days of camp. They’re a lot more mature, a lot smarter, so it’s been a little different.

The coaching staff are all great guys. During the games and scrimmages, if you make a mistake, they’ll come over and tell you they’ll want you to do this or that. If you’re doing a good job, they’ll tell you that as well.

We also did some off-ice drills today, which are pretty intense. They don’t want us to be too sore, but they also want us to get a good workout in, so it’s probably not as hard as it could be, but it’s still pretty hard. We did a lot of core stability, legs, upper body -- pretty much everything.

Away from the rink, I’ve been hanging out mostly with the guys I know, like Anthony Louis and Vinny Hinostroza. I’ve gotten to know John Hayden pretty well, and Sam Jardine. Anthony and I also talked to Yushiroh Hirano this week. He didn’t know many guys here, so we tried to get to know him a little bit. He’s from Japan and playing all the way over in another part of the world, so it was cool getting to know him.

We’ve been hanging out with a couple other guys as well. We’ll go out to eat or hang out in each other’s rooms most of the time. We haven’t had to play tour guide or anything, since most of the other guys have been here for prospect camps or tournaments before, so they kind of know their way around the city.

Tomorrow is the last scrimmage and the last day of camp. We haven’t been told anything yet, so we’ll find out our teams and lines tomorrow morning. I just want to leave a good impression on the last day, play my best.

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