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The Night #ShawFacts Was Born

by Emerald Gao / Chicago Blackhawks

With four goals in four consecutive games and five in his first eight NHL appearances, rookie Andrew Shaw has become a sensation both on the ice and in the imagination of Blackhawks fans. Their collective excitement finally spilled over in the second period of the Blackhawks' 6-2 victory over the Buffalo Sabres on Jan. 18, spawning the #ShawFacts hashtag on Twitter.

Below are some of the best real-time offerings of the night:

@hawknut: Sharks have "Shaw Week" #ShawFacts

@Stephen__Nelson: Morgan Freeman asks Andrew Shaw to read him bedtime stories. #ShawFacts

@sledgehammah: Waldo tries to find Shaw. #ShawFacts

@HossIsBoss81: The shower sings to him. #ShawFacts

@PuckinHostile: Andrew Shaw was Luke's real father #ShawFacts

@hockeenight: Andrew Shaw puts Peggy on hold. #ShawFacts

@TheHecklerBlackhawks: Andrew Shaw kept the snow away from Chicago for as long as he could. But he's busy now. #ShawFacts

@TheHecklerBlackhawks: HD was invented because they knew he was coming. #ShawFacts

@AndrewBHDL: He's the fourth. Ringo is fifth. RT @Brett_Myhres: Andrew Shaw is the fifth Beatle. #ShawFacts

@Catch10110: The level after "black belt" is the "Shaw belt". Andrew Shaw is the only person in history to actually earn a Shaw belt. #ShawFacts

@SouthsideZo: When Shaw jumps into a lake he doesn't get wet the lake gets Shawed. #ShawFacts

@CoachQsMustache: True: He has no mustache. Also true: When he wants one he'll just rip it right off someone else. #Shawfacts

@One4theDagger: Andrew Shaw is at the end of every rainbow. #ShawFacts

@sonicsean89: Andrew Shaw was not born, he just decides when to exist #ShawFacts

@chiguy8307: The Egg McMuffin is the Andrew Shaw of breakfast sandwiches. #ShawFacts

@hossafy: He grew a playoff beard when the hawks were in the finals... In 92. #ShawFacts

@mokulling: Siri asks him for directions #ShawFacts

@RealScarlett01: Trump is Andrew Shaw's Apprentice #ShawFacts

@yazmataz17: Andrew Shaw used Wikipedia today #ShawFacts

Andrew Shaw chimed in after the game with a contribution of his own...

Andrew shaw loves chicago and doesn't want to leave

[UPDATED] Jan. 19, 10:50 a.m.

@writer0076 Andrew Shaw cannot hold on to a puck for too long because it will turn into a diamond #ShawFacts

@ekmcc24 The cowbell wants more Andrew Shaw. #ShawFacts

@KeyboardKeith66 the concept of the Chuck Norris joke was simply a trial run for #ShawFacts

@Nickbozich12 He wakes his alarm clock up. #ShawFacts

@dangitslexi Even mimes can't stop talking about him. #ShawFacts

@Schwarziest Puppies and kittens love videos of Andrew Shaw. #ShawFacts

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