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Prospect Camp: Who Stood Out?

by Adam Kempenaar / Chicago Blackhawks

Every year at the end of Prospect Camp, asks some of the participants and observers which players stood out.


D Dylan Olsen, 2009 1st round pick
[Byron] Froese and [Brandon] Pirrri really stood out for me. Coming in as a young guy and seeing the skill and ability they have, they definitely seemed to be dominating out there. I definitely think that they came in here and upped their stock a little bit; those two guys were unbelievable this week.

Stan Bowman, Assistant GM of Hockey Operations
In terms of our draft picks I thought that Pacan (David), before he got hurt, was quite impressive, and Delisle (Daniel), the two big centermen we just drafted. Brandon Pirri had a very good camp as well, and Kruger (Marcus).

On the back end, Olsen missed the one day, but he’s a really smooth player, and Lalonde (Shawn). Kyle Beach, it’s his second time here and at times he was dominant out there. Same thing with Akim (Aliu). I think when those guys decide to really crank it up they can really take it to another level. I think we just need to get that a little more consistently from both of them, but I thought at times they were kind of toying with people out there. Byron Froese was also a guy I really didn’t know a lot about, but he was around the puck almost all the time. He’s got skill but gets dirty. He’s kind of a versatile guy that way. He’s not just a scorer, but he’s a backchecker and does all those little things.

As for free agents, I thought the Schilling (Cameron) kid was really good for a guy that we didn’t know a lot about. I think he was a walk-on initially at Miami-Ohio last year. Broc Little was pretty good, a college kid as well. Some of those kids were impressive. You don’t know where they’re going to play as pros because they’re not big guys, but they’re really on the puck most of the time.


C Byron Froese, 2009 4th round pick
Obviously my roommate Beach because he was flying out there and looked really good. He was doing a great job out there. There were a lot of other guys that caught my eye, but I just tried focusing on my game.

Joel Quenneville, Blackhawks Head Coach
I didn’t get to see Aliu today, but Beachy has got great size and good patience with the puck, so it will be interesting to see him in camp with the whole group. He certainly had a great camp last year and got really good exposure at the important games. We’ll have to see this year how he improves from last year’s levels and it will be nice to see him matchup with some of these NHL guys.


D Paul Phillips, 2009 7th round pick
I think that everyone here is very talented and there are quite a few players that have a lot of skill. Kyle Beach, real good player; Akim Aliu, very skilled; Brandon Pirri, very skilled player and tough to play against; and Bill Sweatt, very very fast -- one of the fastest players I’ve played against. And there were a lot of college players that really impressed me. Mark Arcobello is very talented, and like I said, everyone here has a lot of skill. It’s tough to play against these guys.

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