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'Princess Etch A Sketch' takes on Blackhawks logo

by Leah Hendrickson / Chicago Blackhawks
It took Labowitch about 5 hours to complete this design. (Photo courtesy of Jane Labowitch)

For Jane Labowitch, creating intricate designs using an Etch A Sketch is a skill she’s been honing since she was 4.

“I've done well over 100 pieces on an Etch A Sketch,” said Labowitch, also known as "Princess Etch A Sketch." “If I could estimate, I'd say at least around 300.”

Her abilities were put to the test when upon offering up a custom Etch A Sketch piece as a raffle prize at a work event, the winner requested something to display in their Blackhawks-themed basement.

“We both agreed upon using the skyline and the Blackhawks logo since they are both very iconic,” said Labowitch via email. “I was really excited about this because I've always wanted to dedicate a classic Etch A Sketch to my favorite city and hockey team!”

As you can imagine, creating the Blackhawks logo using an Etch A Sketch is extremely tedious work.

“The Blackhawks logo was definitely the most challenging part of this piece. I used my mockup as a 1:1 scale reference and had to take the most time with the feathers, but I did this all on the first try.

“It can be pretty nerve-wracking doing art on an Etch A Sketch since you cannot erase mistakes—unless you want to start over! But I took my time and was very careful to try and capture the logo as accurately as my Etch A Sketch knobs would let me.”

It took Labowitch five hours to complete the Blackhawks design, using a Classic size Etch A Sketch measuring at 7.375" by 8.875".

This design was her first sports-themed piece, but said has plans on making a Cubs Etch A Sketch piece next.

To see more of Princess Etch A Sketch’s work, click here.

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