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MONDAY MAILBAG: Kane goals and guitars

Adam Burish answers fan submitted questions as part of's Mailbag series

by Adam Burish /

On select Mondays throughout the 2018-19 season, will have answers to some fan-submitted questions. This week, former Blackhawks forward, 2010 Stanley Cup champion and Blackhawks TV contributor Adam Burish discusses his favorite Patrick Kane goal and his musical talents.

1. What is your favorite goal that Kane has scored? - Anna from Chicago

Good question, but that's tough to answer... so many great goals! I had a pretty sweet behind-the-back, no-look pass to him in 2010 to give him a tap-in goal, for his first ever 30-goal season. I don't want to take too much credit setting him up for so much success after that, but WOW, was that a nice pass! I put it on a tee for him to tap in. I'm sure looking back he'll remember that chance he had to play on a line with me and all those great passes I gave him as the springboard to becoming the best player in the league. HA!

2 Have you or any other player tripped on a broken stick during a game? - Cathy from Illinois

Hi Cathy! I remember we met at the United Center a few days ago. You came up to me and asked me if I really read these questions or not and if I would put your question up? I told you we read them all and I would find yours... you ask and you will receive! As far as your question goes... come on Cathy, we are professionals! If we see a stick, we go over it or around it, no tripping and falling!

3. Adam, if you were in this locker room how focused are you on the last wildcard spot? Or are you more focused on the next point available? - Brad from Illinois

To be honest, Brad, a little bit of both.

The answer you will get from players is that you are just forced on to the next game, which is true. As a professional athlete, that is how you live day to day. Finish one game and your mind goes to the next day... what do I need to do to get ready for practice tomorrow? How do I get my body ready for the next game? What do I need to do to get my legs to feel better? How much do I need to sleep, or what do I need to eat? How much time do I have to heal before the next game,? What can I change from last game to be better the next game?

So, that is every player's mindset. But in saying that, you always know where your team sits in the standings. You see it in the locker room or on TV or in the game notes. You always know where you stand!

4. How much do the players talk with each other while on the ice and does the crowd noise interfere with that? - Mary from Florida

Players talk all the time on the ice and hear each other loud and clear. The coach always tells the guys who is going out next, so we need to be listening for him also. When playoffs come around, or during big games, and buildings get louder is when it can get tough to hear guys calling for the puck on the ice and tough to hear the coach telling us who is up next, but that's what makes it fun and forces guys to really zone in and stop looking at their girlfriend in the stands!

5. I love your videos with Sharp! How long have you been playing guitar and singing? You're really good! - Patti from Illinois

Tweet from @NHLBlackhawks: .@ABurish37 strummin' his guitar with @10PSharp for the latest installment of On The Tape was the content we didn't know we needed!

Thanks, Patti. We have a lot of fun doing those videos and the Blackhawks media staff is as good as it gets. They make us look good! I learned to play the guitar in college. My roommates played video games and I hated video games, probably because I was terrible. So, I grabbed my roommate's guitar, went online and taught myself Tom Petty's 'Free Falling.' I was addicted after that and have been playing ever since. I used to bring a guitar on the road with me and play in the hotel room when Sharp was my roommate. I was not very good. I finally got the hint when he asked me to go play in the hallway one day instead of in the room. He needed his beauty sleep, I guess.

If you watch the last video we just put out, I don't think he likes my guitar playing and singing much more these days either. Or maybe he's just jealous he can't play!

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