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MONDAY MAILBAG: Kane for the Hart?

Adam Burish answers fan submitted questions as part of's Mailbag series

by Adam Burish /

On select Mondays throughout the 2018-19 season, will have answers to some fan-submitted questions. This week, Stanley Cup champion turned broadcaster Adam Burish fields several questions, including on dealing with confrontations in a locker room and whether or not Patrick Kane should be considered for the Hart Trophy.

1. The team spends a lot of time together, so how do y'all deal with confrontation towards certain aspects of the game such as losing a game? - Bethany from Texas

You're right, Bethany. You spend as much time with your teammates as you do with your family during the season so you create a really strong bond. That allows guys to be open and honest with each other and really trust each other. When things don't go well, guys talk about it. Guys get upset about things, they get into it with each other sometimes and that's all positive and part of being a great team.

If you are not able to be honest with each other and have close enough relationships where you can communicate like that, you can't win. It's never personal, it's about winning. The Blackhawks have such great leadership with Toews, Kane, Seabrook and Keith, they have created a culture here that brings everybody close together and gives everybody a voice no matter how old or young you are. Everybody is important.

This season is a perfect example of that, with how they started to where they are now. That doesn't happen without some confrontations and everybody understanding that it's not about you, it's about winning and the team. The leadership and coaches on this team deserve a lot of credit for sticking to that, holding everyone accountable, even when it's hard to do. Generally speaking though, if you lose a game, you deal with it for a day then turn the page and move on. You can't let things linger. There are too many games.

2. How did you decide to become a broadcaster for the Hawks? Also, why the number 37? - Michael from Illinois

Good question, Michael. I don't know how I got the job… maybe everyone else they asked couldn't do it, so they got stuck with me! But I am having so much fun being at the United Center on game days and working on TV for the games. I feel lucky to be back in Chicago working for the team again!

It's been fun to work with Pat Boyle, Konroyd, Jammer and Sharp. I have known them all for a long time. They are the pros that do the heavy lifting, but we all get along great and enjoy working together and I think that's what makes a good broadcast, much like Edzo and Pat Foley, their chemistry is so great!

Number 37 was given to me my first training camp. The good players get to pick their numbers and I wasn't one of those guys! So when I made the team out of college, I was stuck with No. 37. My second year they asked if I wanted to change to a normal "good player's number," and I said no. I think it fit me. 37 felt like an unpredictable number… not pretty, maybe ugly and rugged. It's a grinding-type player number, so I said screw it. I'll stick with 37. And I loved it!

3. Adam, with the trade deadline looming just around the corner, as a player when you get traded do they have a system set up to help you get settled in your new town? Such as finding housing, schools for your kids, just all the little stuff that has to be taken care of for you and your family. - Jim from Illinois

Good question, Jim. As you know, the schedule doesn't stop once a trade happens, so most of the time you get traded one day, get to the new city that day or the next, land at the airport, go to the hotel the team sets you up at, and then play that day or the next.

It's tough to get your personal life organized quickly with practices, traveling non-stop and games one after another. You lean on your new teammates to help you also, helping with where to live, where to eat, where to send your kids to school, and all that little stuff nobody thinks about. The Blackhawks do as good of a job as any team I've seen helping guys get settled in. [Senior Executive Director of Team Services] Tony Ommen is the guy that does most of that for the players and he's the best at it!

4. Hey Adam, is it just me or will Kane win another Hart Trophy because of his play so far this year? - Tom from Illinois

Kane should win the MVP by a mile this year… There is nobody in the league that has done for their team what Kane has done for this team this year. Tom, let's start the campaigning now for Kane to win it. I'm going to keep kicking and screaming until he wins it this year. My other buddies around the league tell me he is the most dominant player right now, and I agree.

5. Hi, Adam. I'm coming to Chicago in a few days, and the highlight of the trip is going to be seeing you fellas do your broadcasting thing on the concourse. Okay, I'm lying. The highlight is going to be seeing my old pal Sharpy being beautiful on-air. What do you think is the best and easiest way to throw him off his game without getting thrown out of the UC? Thanks! - Danielle from New Jersey

Easy Danielle, you should have stopped right there saying the highlight of your trip was seeing me! I almost threw this question out along with the 100 other questions or statements telling me how beautiful Sharpy is… It takes a lot of makeup and hair gel to get that perfect No. 10 so pretty! But since you asked how you can mess with Sharp, I decided you had a good question… he's fun to mess with! All you have to do is hold up some "I love Burish" signs or tell him my hair is better than his, that will throw him off!

I also want to give a shoutout to the boys in blue, the police and security we worked with at the Chicago Auto Show last Friday night, and throughout the event, and all the officers throughout the season that work with the Blackhawks family. They told me they read this mailbag and I wanted to give them the love they deserve. They are always the best to work with and we appreciate what they do! Thanks, guys. Chicago PD, you're the best!

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