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LONG READ: Dominik and the rise of German hockey

An in-depth look at Blackhawks forward Dominik Kahun's path to the NHL, the history of German hockey and its rise to the national spotlight

by Chris Wescott /

Geduld, Ausdauer und Schweiß machen eine unschlagbare Kombination für den Erfolg.


Patience, stamina, and sweat make an unbeatable combination for success.

For Dominik Kahun, that phrase makes perfect sense in either German or English and, in fact, encapsulates his journey to the Chicago Blackhawks.

It's taken time for German hockey to gain respect in North America, just like how it took time for Kahun to earn his own recognition and reach the NHL.

In the rise to respectability and success, patience is a virtue.

"For me, it's still like a dream," said Kahun. "I'm living my dream, you know? I still really can't imagine how I'm playing in the NHL. When I'm in bed, I think about it. Wow, am I really here? It's still something special to me."

All of it might not have been possible without the help of a dentist.

Dr. Charles George Hartley was born in North Plains, Michigan on October 13, 1883.

Perhaps, Hartley never had a choice but to love the sport, as his family moved to Brantford, Ontario while he was at such a young, impressionable age. It was there that Hartley developed remarkable skill and ability that would eventually earn him international acclaim.

But how does a Michigan-born, Canadian-trained, Chicago-educated dentist find his way to becoming the "father of German hockey?"


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