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FEATURE: Best of Dach's first day in Chicago

At a press conference and several media appearances, Kirby Dach talked hockey, Star Wars and getting kicked out of Church

by Austin Siegel /

He might be the same age as Ferris Bueller, but Kirby Dach's first day in Chicago was anything but a day off.

The third overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft appeared on WGN Radio, visited a Blackhawks youth hockey camp, met with the media at the United Center and that was all before lunch. 

Get caught up on the best moments from Dach's first day as a Blackhawk:


WGN Radio Visit:

"I love the playoffs. I love the intensity of the games and how much fun you can have during those times. This year, I kind of went through it playing against our [WHL] rival in Prince Albert. Every time I touched the puck I was being booed or chanted against. There were signs. I love the attention and I love to be the guy in the playoffs." - Dach on playoff experience with the Saskatoon Blades

"I was just kind of sitting there, five or six years old, my mind was racing about hockey. It's pretty quiet. I stand up and there's Jesus at the altar. I yelled at him to shoot the puck and my Mom's face turned red. I was thinking I wasn't at church, I was at a hockey game." - Dach on how hockey got him kicked out of Church

Tweet from @NHLBlackhawks: .@kdach77���s whirlwind tour of Chicago begins at @WGNRadio!Sounds like Kirby received some special phone calls this weekend. #Blackhawks


Visit to Blackhawks Hockey Camp:

Tweet from @BHTVeric: Kirby Dach says hello to some young hockey players at ���@fifththirdarena���

Tweet from @NHLBlackhawks: Goosebumps. @kdach77 checks out the #Blackhawks locker room for the first time.

Tweet from @NHLBlackhawks: Bonus Connor Murphy sighting on today���s @fifththirdarena tour!


Introductory Press Conference at the United Center:

"I was at Game Four for St. Louis vs. Boston and got to meet a couple of those players and see how big and strong they are. That's one area where I need to add is a little more size. The other thing I need to learn is just the pace of play. I don't understand what that's going to be like until I get there and play with those guys and practice with them. For me to get into camp, I'm going to make the decision tough on the management group to send me back and I'm going to give them every reason to keep me here." - Dach on looking to make the team out of camp

"My family gave up quite a bit for me to be on the right path. My parents made sure that I made every right decision and guided me along the way. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am. With my brother and sister, we're a pretty ultra-competitive family. Even running up the stairs for dinner is a battle and there are lots of holes in the wall of our house. They've been fixed since I moved out." - Dach on his family's role in his development 

Tweet from @NHLBlackhawks: Dach on adding to Chicago's Stanley Cup history: "Winning to me is everything. I hate to lose... I want to be a part of those runs and be a key member on those teams." #Blackhawks


 Kirby Dach on ESPN 1000:

"I'm going to head home tomorrow, get in the gym and skate a little bit more. Get ready for Development Camp over the next couple weeks. I think I'm going to stay in Chicago the week after that, just get a feel for the city, work out with some of the guys here and skate with them just to feel what the pace of play is going to be like. And then I've got to head out to Michigan for Hockey Canada because we've got that World Junior selection camp. And then just go home and get ready for the season." - Dach on looking ahead to the summer


Kirby Dach on 670 The Score:

"I like all the Stars Wars movies, I'm a big Stars Wars fan. All of them, I've seen them all. Jar-Jar Binks didn't scare me away...I always liked Darth Vader." - Dach on Stars Wars 

"I love country music. I like Luke Bryan, Thomas Rett, Blake Shelton. Just kind of growing up in Western Canada, it's a little more country and a lot of country-influence and farms. It relates back to that kind of music. I just feel like country music has so many different vibes to it. Happy, sad, love songs. Anything you could think of has country music in it." - Dach on his love of country music


First Pitch and Visit to Wrigley Field:

"It was pretty exciting. Ready to get going with the Draft. You just kind of sit there and see all the teams on the floor. You start to sweat a little bit and get a little more nervous as time goes on. After I heard my name called by Stan I didn't really hear or remember anything. I had to go back and rewatch it all. I just kind of blurred everything out. It goes by like a snap of the fingers." - Dach on Draft Night memories

Tweet from @NHLBlackhawks: And up the North Side... @kdach77 says ���Play ball!���

"Colton and I are only two years apart and that kind of breeds competition between the two of us. We're always competing to see who's better at certain things." - Dach on his brother, Colton Dach of the Saskatoon Blades

Tweet from @NHLBlackhawks: Now listen, Kirby, the key to being a big league pitcher is the 3 R's: readiness, recuperation, and conditioning!

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