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Development Camp Diary - Day 1

Throughout the week, 2019 pick Alex Vlasic will be blogging for about his Development Camp experience

by Alex Vlasic with Austin Siegel /

Everything has been really organized through fitness testing, meetings and our first on-ice session today. It's easy to find your way around the rink and figure out where everything is. That's something that you take for granted sometimes, but it's an honor to have everything so organized.

As much as this week is about what we do on the ice, there's also a lot planned for us to learn outside of the rink. Last night, we had a class at the hotel on how to deal with the media. We learned what to say if somebody asks you a tough question, especially if it's one that's kind of controversial and not necessarily saying your opinion just so some bad reputations don't get out there. 

We also had a class last night on mental performance and we had another one today on goal setting. We covered the mental aspect of the game and how important that is.

On the ice today, we mostly just worked on high-pace skill drills, mainly explosiveness and quick strides. Then we broke into defense, offense and specific positions before we finished with a little 2-on-2 mini game at the center of the ice. 

Being from Wilmette, it's pretty comfortable around here for me. Sometimes people can get overwhelmed going to Dev Camp, but I've played at this rink (Fifth Third Arena) quite a few times. Being able to feel at home is something that's been really nice. The Mission moved here the year after I left, but I got to play a few games here last summer in the Chicago Pro League.

Since being drafted a few weeks ago, I went home for about a week and a half after the draft in Vancouver, just trying to get acclimated to everything that was going on. Then I took off to Boston University for summer classes and I've been there for the past two weeks just working out, skating and taking a class, so that's been pretty fun. 

Being in Chicago and getting to show the guys around a little bit has been great. The city in general, not even necessarily going to like a specific spot, but just walking around has been very fun. I would love to take the guys to a Cubs game while everyone's in town. That would be really cool.

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