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Blogging the Convention: Stosh doing fine

by Bob Verdi / Chicago Blackhawks

Stan Mikita (L) sits with Denis Savard before Friday's Opening Ceremony.

Everybody is asking about Stan Mikita, and here is his answer.

"I'm doing fine," he said Saturday at the fourth annual Blackhawks Convention. The Hall of Famer and team ambassador was hailed during Friday night's Opening Ceremony at the Hilton Chicago, then participated in various sessions before a thousands of fans who were stunned to learn a couple months ago that Mikita had been diagnosed with stage one cancer.

"Three radiation treatments to go, that's all," said Mikita, who has lost a few pounds but none of his spirit during the process. "Besides a sore throat and kind of a raspy voice, as you can hear, I feel like things are going well. We caught it early and as doctors said when they caught it early, everybody should be optimistic, which we are."

Mikita was joined at the Convention by wife Jill, their daughter Jane, and her family.

"We're having a great time," said Stan. "This whole thing is unbelievable. All these people. I missed last year's convention, so this is really something to see. It kind of typifies what's happened to this franchise in the city. The love affair with hockey has been reborn. I look at the number of fans in the lobby of the hotel and in the ballrooms for these panel discussions...that's more people than we used to have for some of our games during the lean years. Amazing. Glad to be a part of it."

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