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BLOG: Foster reflects on whirlwind evening

From beer league to big league, emergency goaltender Scott Foster reflects on a whirlwind evening

by Chris Wescott /

When emergency goaltender Scott Foster found out he'd be entering the game against Winnipeg on March 29, he was in shock.

"You definitely know your heart can go from just chilling and watching a hockey game with some NHL guys to where you're about to catch it in your hand about a foot away from your chest," he said, speaking at the 2018 Blackhawks Convention. "I'm sure there were a lot of things said to me at that moment, whether it was joking or encouragement. I can't tell you that I heard any of that."

Video: Scott Foster's NHL debut

The accountant by day, Foster, eventually rallied and stopped all seven shots he faced in his NHL debut, something he and Blackhawks fans who were watching will never forget. Foster could barely believe the Hollywood script played out in real life for him. He went from beer league to the big leagues.

"That first night home I definitely didn't sleep a wink," Foster said. "I got back to work because it was the only thing I could think to do that was normal. I didn't know, do I call in sick today? How do you approach this story. I probably can't come up with a great lie like I got the flu or something, so the first thing I did was turn the game on. I fast forwarded through the first 46 minutes and then I watched that one. It was kind of like, did this happen? What don't I remember? Which was probably a lot. Yeah, that really did happen to me. Then it was like, alright. See you guys, I have to catch a train to work. It was something."

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