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Blackhawks fans voted best in the league

by Eric Lear /

The players have spoken: The Blackhawks are one of the most respected franchises in the league.

The NHL Players Association polled more than 500 players on a myriad of topics and released the results today.

The players voted Blackhawks fans as the best in the league. Over 30% of the votes went to Chicago followed by Nashville, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg.

"How many fans we have I think is amazing," Connor Murphy said. "I've never seen a team on the road have so many fans in any building. I think everyone around the league sees that."

Video: Lear's Look: NHLPA Players Poll

Joel Quenneville was named the coach players would most like to play for. He received 16.5% of the vote.

"I'm getting too soft," Quenneville said with a laugh at today's practice.

Below is the full list of how the Blackhawks faired in the poll:

Which coach would you most like to play for? Joel Quenneville (1st - 16.5%)
Which team (excluding your own) has the best fans? Blackhawks (1st - 30.4%)
Which player is the best role model? Jonathan Toews (2nd - 9.6%)
Who is the best team player? Jonathan Toews (2nd - 11%)
Which is your favorite rink to play in? United Center (2nd - 21.9%)
Which current assistant coach should be the next head coach? Ulf Samuelsson (3rd - 5.1%)
Who is the most difficult player to play against? Patrick Kane (3rd - 4.6%)
Which forward is the most difficult to play against? Patrick Kane (3rd - 5.7%)
If you need to win one game, who is the #1 player (any position) you would want on your team? Patrick Kane (4th - 3.7%)
Which player would you select to start a franchise? Jonathan Toews (4th - 3.1%)
Which current player would be a great coach once they retire? Jonathan Toews (5th - 3.6%)

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