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Blackhawks babies featured in Chicago Parent

by Mackenzie McCluer / Chicago Blackhawks
With the Chicago Blackhawks' recent baby boom the team now boasts eight children under three years old, with two more due this spring Chicago Parent sat down in the Blackhawks locker room with seven of the players' wives for interviews and a photo shoot for the magazine's February edition.

Dayna Seabrook, Abby Sharp, Kelly-Rae Keith, Lene Brookbank, Jana Hossa and Elina Hjalmarsson pose with their kids and their husbands' jerseys in the Blackhawks locker room.

Abby Sharp holds her daughters, 2-year-old Madelyn and 3-month old Sadie. "When they were playing in Boston, Patrick really wanted Madelyn to be out on the ice, just so she could have those memories," she told Chicago Parent. "Poor Sadie. I was pregnant, so I technically say she was there too, so she can't feel left out." To read the rest of Abby's interview, click here.

Jana Hossa poses with 2-year-old Mia and 2-month-old Zoja. "He loves the girls," Jana said of her husband, Marian. "He is a proud daddy of his little princesses. Usually men want a son, especially professional athletes. But during my pregnancies, he was so happy to find out we were having girls." To read the rest of Jana's interview, click here.

Dayna Seabrook holds her son, 5-month-old Carter. Carter's middle name, Seven, comes from his father's jersey number. "We actually had another name picked out, and then in the hospital, Brent's like, 'Well, what about Seven?'" Dayna said. "Carter Seven Seabrook has a good ring to it. It's been Brent's number his whole career. So why not?" To read the rest of Dayna's interview, click here.

keith and seabrook
Carter Seabrook and Colton Keith, the son of Duncan and Kelly-Rae Keith, were born three months apart. Colton was born during the Stanley Cup Quarterfinal series against the Minnesota Wild.

Zuzana Handzus, wife of Michal Handzus, says their 19-month-old son, Tomas, recently skated for the first time. "Tomas had so much fun," she told Chicago Parent. "He loves hockey; he loves to watch hockey; he loves to play with the hockey sticks at home. So he enjoyed it." To read the rest of Zuzana's interview, click here.

Elina Hjalmarsson is expecting a baby boy in April with her husband, Niklas. The couple married over the summer. "This is a new chapter in our life that we are looking forward to," she told Chicago Parent. To read the rest of Elina's interview, click here.

Lene Brookbank shares a lighthearted moment with her son, 16-month-old Bennett. She and her husband, Sheldon, are expecting another child in May. "He's the best," she said of Sheldon. "I honestly couldn't imagine doing it without him. ... He takes the early shift and changes diapers and feeds Bennett and he's right on the floor with him playing." To read the rest of Lene's interview, click here.

keith and sadie
Colton Keith reaches for Sadie Sharp during the photo shoot. "His dad is all for him being a hockey player," Kelly-Rae Keith said. "I think he's got good genes in him that there's a good chance he will be an athlete. Whatever sport he chooses, we'll be happy." To read the rest of Kelly-Rae's interview, click here.

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