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Ask a Tough Guy: Out-of-town fans, pretty boys and cats

by Staff Writer / Chicago Blackhawks

This excerpt is taken from the November 2011 issue of Blackhawks Magazine, the official game program of the Chicago Blackhawks. You can get your copy at all Blackhawks home games or by calling the Blackhawks Store at (800) GO-HAWKS.

John Scott
might be quick to throw up his dukes to solve problems on the ice, but away from the rink he’s a 6-foot-8-inch mountain of knowledge, dishing out two-fisted brilliance. Fans submitted their most pressing questions to the Blackhawks via Facebook and Twitter, and the defenseman weighed in with his advice.

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I am a lifelong Blackhawks fan living in California. My oldest son is just learning to love sports. A lot of his friends and their parents root for the Los Angeles-based teams. How do I make sure that he becomes a Blackhawks fan?
– John B., Los Angeles

I found that when I was a kid I liked whatever team my dad or brothers liked. Just give him a talk about how you watched the Blackhawks when you were growing up and how you like them still. Once he hears that I’m sure he will want to follow them. If not, just ground him. That should get the message across.

My cat (right) weighs 14 pounds and some of my friends think he’s fat. I don’t think he’s fat. Is my cat too fat???
– Kristen Hushek, Redondo Beach, CA


My girlfriend and I have been dating three years. She is a Sharpy and Kaner fan. She wants to get married, but what do I do with her liking the pretty boys of hockey?
– Lee, Shorewood, Ill.

Ahhh, this is very common with the fairer sex. The Patricks get a lot of attention for their pretty-boy looks. Not many women find the rough and tough players appealing. To make her understand what it takes to have that pretty-boy look, you should spend hours in front of the mirror doing your hair and even more time picking out your outfits. After that she might rethink the whole pretty-boy attraction.

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