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Ask a Tough Guy: Fighting tips, singing and mayo

by John Scott / Chicago Blackhawks

John Scott might be quick to throw up his dukes to solve problems on the ice, but away from the rink he’s a 6-foot-8-inch mountain of knowledge, dishing out two-fisted brilliance. Fans submitted their most pressing questions to the Blackhawks via the website, Facebook and Twitter, and Scott weighed in with his advice.

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Dear John Scott, what makes you so awesome? 
– Michael Lewandowski, Chicago

Tough question. I think about this a lot actually... Haha, I’m not awesome at all! I’m actually a nerd, if you believe it. Thanks for the compliment though.

Do you have any advice for a shorter, stockier fighter such as myself for edging a taller opponent? 
– Justin Rosandich, Crete, Ill.

I’ve always hated fighting shorter guys like you. You never quite know what to expect. My advice to you would be to get in close and learn how to switch hands quickly; that will keep the taller fighter on the defensive and not allow him to get comfy and use his reach. Cam Janssen does this really well, and so does a guy like Eric Boulton. Both guys are relatively small and can really chuck ‘em.

Miracle Whip or mayonnaise?  
– Caitlin O., La Grange, Ill.

I’m a mayonnaise guy myself.

Is a woman wearing a sports jersey sexy or too manly? Should we leave the jerseys to the men? 
– Katie, Chicago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman wearing a sports jersey, and there is nothing sexier to me than my wife wearing a baseball cap and a pair of blue jeans.
I grew up playing hockey in Michigan. I played AAA, Junior A in Canada and a short time in college when I realized going to the next level wasn’t in the cards. When did you realize that professional hockey was a serious option for you?  
– Ryan R., Phoenix

That’s a very similar hockey path that I took, Ryan, but it was in college where I started to think that maybe I could make something of myself.  It really was my coaches who got me to believe in myself. Ian Kallay and Jamie Russell [at Michigan Tech] worked on my game a lot and always told me that you can’t teach size.  So I put in the work, and after my senior year I thought I could have an outside chance of making the NHL.

Say you’re an out-of-towner at a Blackhawks game, and there’s this cute girl in the seat next to you. You get chatty throughout the game, and you both kind of like each other. Do you ask her out while you’re still in town or keep your distance and not ruin a good thing by making it that extra bit complicated?
– James, Ireland

I would ask her out. What’s the worst that could happen? There was an obvious connection at the game, so go for it and see what happens. You never know, that could be your future wife you’re passing up.

I was watching a lot of your fight videos online on YouTube. I couldn’t find a single one where you lost. Have you ever lost a fight? 
-Matt Crowe, Wichita, Kan.

Not that I know of. There have been a couple draws maybe, but never a loss (knock on wood). 

Do you sing in the shower? 
–Joanna, Harvard, Ill.

Depends on the song, but mostly no.

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