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Alumni Q&A: Jack O'Callahan

by Leah Hendrickson / Chicago Blackhawks

It’s not every day that a member of the famous "Miracle on Ice" team that upset the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics drops by the United Center. Former Blackhawk Jack O’Callahan was on hand to take your questions from Twitter on Friday night. You asked, he answered.

1. @Lin117: Hockey teams are much like family... are you still close to the 'Miracle' team?

Yes, we have a very good group of guys and we stay in touch. We’re very close.

2. ‏@OfficialllyGT: If you could have given Sports Illustrated a headline in 1980 what would it have been?

USA Wins!

3. ‏@ree_chelle: How do you think the rivalry has evolved between the USA and Russia?

Since 1980 it’s been a tremendous rivalry at every level of hockey, all the way from youth hockey through the junior levels and all the way up to the Olympics. Even in the NHL when they’re on the same teams—the Russians and the American guys—they’re always competing with each other, and that goes back to 1980.

4. ‏@RWork92: How do you feel knowing you guys had a big part in the growth of USA hockey?

We’re very proud of it. We always thought that USA hockey players had a lot more to give. They were giving more than they were getting credit for, and we’re very happy that we helped bust through that glass ceiling.

5. ‏@anjulishah: What was your first reaction when seeing the actor who played you in the Disney movie?

I wanted to make sure he stayed away from my 18-year-old daughter!

6. @2rollz: Do you think the movie does the real-life event justice?

I think the movie was great! It was a two-hour movie that was based on a nine-month process. They did the best they could in two hours. I think they did a fantastic job.

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