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Alumni Q&A: Grant Mulvey

by Leah Hendrickson / Chicago Blackhawks

Right wing Grant Mulvey played all but twelve games of his 586-game NHL career with the Blackhawks. Mulvey holds the record for being the youngest player, since expansion in 1967, to score an NHL goal, scoring his first at the age of 18 years, 32 days. The Blackhawks Blog checked in with Mulvey.

1. What are you up to these days?

I work for a company called Merrill Corporation, it’s the document management business. We’re in the litigation space, we host documents for any big legal transactions. It keeps me busy. We’re a global company but I cover Chicago, St. Louis, Wisconsin and a couple of clients in New York City.

2. Do you still get out on the ice and skate?

We do! I run the Chicago Blackhawks Alumni Skating, and I’m very involved in the Alumni association. We mirror the Blackhawk morning skates: if the Blackhawks are playing on Friday, we always skate on Friday. We end up playing ten or fifteen times during the year and then we get out and have a couple charity games. I get out enough. I probably play 20-30 times a winter.

3. Favorite thing to do off the ice in Chicago?

I work a lot! But I’ve become a huge gardener. I love gardening. I grow big tomato plants, flowers and vegetables. We probably have fifty hydrangea plants. I usually harvest around fifty tomato plants a year.

4. Biggest rivalry in your playing days?

It was either Minnesota or St. Louis. Those two were very big. Minnesota and us, we grew to dislike each other a lot. We played against St. Louis a lot, too. In those days, Detroit didn’t have a good team. It was before Steve Yzerman came, and we played against Toronto, but it was mostly St. Louis and Minnesota.

5. What's your best memory of playing in Chicago?

There’s just so many of them. To watch Stan Mikita, be a part of Tony Esposito’s life, watch Denis Savard, there’s just so many of them. Troy Murray ended up living with me for a while, he was just a remarkable young man and now he’s become such a great friend. There’s just so many awesome memories of great teams. The teams that we had in 1979-83, Doug Wilson, Terry Ruskowski, Rich Preston, Reggie Kerr, Cliff Koroll, Peter Marsh, Jack O’Callahan... The list is tremendous. Not to mention Al Secord and Steve Larmer. My memories are about the guys and the team. We had a lot of good times.

6. Playing all but twelve games of your 586-game NHL career with the Blackhawks must have really taught you what it means to be a Blackhawk.

I was a first-round draft pick to the Blackhawks in the 1974, and I didn’t really understand pro hockey, nor did I understand the value and the importance of that jersey. I was taught and it was ingrained in my life. There’s a pride that the Indian Head has and has always had. There are great players that played before me and great players that played after me. And everyone has to understand: they’re going to be here for a short period of time, but the memories from the Chicago Blackhawks will be here forever. To me, there’s great memories of the Blackhawks uniform. I’m very fortunate to have a few of them.

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