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Adam Burish Journal #1

by Staff Writer / Chicago Blackhawks

Hello Hawks Fans,

I was asked to start typing a journal for all of you to provide some insights about our team, and share some some stuff you might find a bit humorous.

As you know, we are approaching the 40-game mark in our season, and we are pleased with the progress we have been making. We believe we have a team here that can be great. We have an awesome balance of skill, grit, toughness and goaltending.

Through this first half of the season we have learned many great lessons about what it takes to climb to the top. Every night we have to bring our best effort. Every team that comes to play the Hawks now brings their best lineup and effort because of the success we have been having. We have to be ready to compete every night, and for most of the season we have done that and are proud of that.

The games we have lost have also taught us many lessons that I know will help make us better come the end of the year. Our main focus, however, has been to get better each and every day, and I can promise you we will do that.

I think it would be fun to tell you who some of the jokers on the team are -- or some of the guys who think they are pretty funny anyway. I believe part of the reason we have had a successful start to the year has been how well we get along as a team. You know you have a close team when guys can freely make fun of each other and nobody takes it personally; either they fire back or just laugh.

If you asked the guys on the team they would probably say Langer is one of the funniest guys they have been around, but the guy that talks the most in the locker room would have to be Wiz. He is always making fun of guys, but also takes his fair share.

His most common target is big Buff, with Seabrook a close second. All the guys jump on Seabs for having big sideburns and what they think is a bad haircut.

'The Kids' -- Toews and Kane -- take their share of heat for the obvious reason, their age. They often get asked if they need to call mom and dad before they do something, or if they are old enough to have that Gatorade.

Sharpie has a pretty quick tongue also, and since I sit by him in the locker room and we are roommates on the road, he feels like he has the green light to make fun of me whenever he gets the chance.

Little does he know that when he gets to the rink tomorrow his skates will be filled with shaving cream. And by the way Sharpie, I know you have seven shorthanded goals this year; you don't have to keep showing them to me on YouTube.

All the guys got a pretty big kick out of seeing Magnus' first rookie card, which was titled,"Young Guns," in the same set as Kane and Toews. (He's the youngest 34 year-old I know!)

Koci has never seen a mirror he didn't like, often being caught staring at himself in the weight room, which always gets a razz out of the guys. Meanwhile, Bolland is still trying to find that same weight room (sorry Bolland, Sharpie told me to put that in).

The young guys have their own jokes about the old guys also, but I better be careful here. I'll save those until I get that first goal out of the way, or I would be in some trouble tomorrow.

Thank you all for the support you have shown our team so far this season. The energy you have brought to the United Center this year always gives us a boost. We are working our tails off every day to become a championship team.

Feel free to submit any questions below you would like me to answer in future journals. I will try to answer as many as I can to give you an inside look at your Chicago Blackhawks.


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