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Tommy Hawk School Appearances

Tommy Hawk loves to go to schools. Most of the time his hijinks land him in the principal's office, or in the cafeteria lunch room serving up sloppy joes! Need a substitute teacher? Tommy is your guy… er, bird. Sure, he may go through a student's desk and find that six-week-old snack pack, but at least that strange odor has been identified!

Fill out the form below to have Tommy Hawk cause a ruckus in your school today! Need some ideas on how to best utilize Tommy Hawk's "talents" at your school? See our assembly or general appearance information below!

Tommy's Teamwork Timeout Assembly:
This highly interactive assembly focuses on teamwork and uses Character Counts as the basis of being a good teammate. Tommy Hawk and his emcee will get the students laughing and having fun, all while teaching the important life lesson of working together as a team.

The show begins with the emcee asking the students some basic Blackhawks trivia questions, before Tommy enters to the delight of the crowd, with music blasting, confetti launching and silly string spraying.

At first Tommy Hawk doesn't want to work with his emcee in the games -- he only wants to work by himself. After a failed attempt at playing the Big Clothes Relay solo, the students teach Tommy Hawk the character traits of being a good teammate. That is when he finally understands being part of a team and shows some great examples to the students. The assembly concludes with one last team-building game that will have the entire audience cheering their fellow classmates on!

This assembly is highly interactive and will use the students and faculty to emphasize the teamwork message through games and team-building activities. The assembly runs 30-45 minutes.


General School Appearances:
Tommy Hawk can come out to your special school event. Any event you can think of, he has done. Field Day, Back to School Night, Reading Night, Dance-a-Thon, Book Drive, Pep Rallies, School Carnivals -- any type of event you can come up with.

Tommy Hawk comes equipped with confetti and silly string for all appearances. He makes any event into a spectacle!