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Tyson Jost Draft Press Conference Quotes

by National Hockey League / Colorado Avalanche

Forward Tyson Jost met with the media after being selected No. 10 overall by the Colorado Avalanche. The following is a transcript from his press conference, courtesy of the NHL.

An Interview With Tyson Jost:

Q. First of all, talk about the Penticton team out west and how it helped your development and helped turn you into a first rounder?

TYSON JOST: Yeah, Penticton was unbelievable. I can't speak highly enough about Penticton, all the work they did for me these past two years. It was a really special place to play, and it's something I'll remember for a long time, so a lot to credit to owe to Penticton there.

Q. What's that moment like when you hear your name and you're going to the Colorado Avalanche?

TYSON JOST: I'm still so excited. It's something that you can't really explain. It's something that I've dreamed about ever since I was two years old, so having that come true, it's pretty special, and I'm so glad I got to share it with my family, especially my mom.

Q. What do you think about some of the names who have worn that jersey and have won Stanley Cups in Colorado, what excites you the most about playing for the Avalanche?

TYSON JOST: It's such a prestigious program. One guy that really stands out, Joe Sakic, being able to meet him there, it's pretty special. They're such a great program, and it's a team I always watch, so I'm so happy and excited to get things going.

Q. How special was it for you to be doing this with your buddy Dante, as well?

TYSON JOST: Yeah, I had Dante behind me there, and we've kind of created a friendship with each other there, so it was so special just hugging him, and I'm sure he'll go pretty soon here, too, because he's such a great kid and he's a great player, too.

Q. How big is it for the BCHL to have two guys go this high?

TYSON JOST: Yeah, I think it's huge. The BCHL, I have so much respect for that league. I know everybody kind of looks down on it sometimes, and I don't think that should be the case at all just because it is a great league, and it's so good for your development. I have nothing but great things to say about the BCHL.

Q. What are you going to study at North Dakota, do you know?

TYSON JOST: I'm trying to figure that out right now. I'll just take generals. My main focus is to develop as a hockey player there and then the added benefit of getting your schooling, too, so I'm going to figure that out and take things from there.

Q. How much did the BCHL help you get to -- obviously you wanted to get to college, but how did it help you get there?

TYSON JOST: I mean, you have so much exposure to schools like North Dakota and BU and Denver and Penticton does such a great job at recruiting and getting that exposure I guess you could say, so I feel like I'm comfortable to make that step next year into college hockey and then after that the NHL.

Q. How big was your performance in Grand Forks in regards to how everything has played out?

TYSON JOST: Yeah, I think I really wanted to prove myself in that tournament that I could play with the world's best I guess you could say, and Dante and I coming from the BCHL, we really wanted to prove that, and I think we both did, so I was really happy with my individual play, but again, it was really tough to swallow just because we finished fourth in that tournament, and it's something -- whenever you wear that Canadian jersey you always want a gold medal, so that was tough on that side of things, but I thought my individual performance was very good.

Q. How much did the U-18 experience prepare you for the summer when you go to World Junior camp?

TYSON JOST: I think it's huge. I mean, Ivan Hlinka U-18s, U-17s, all those tournaments prepare you, and World Juniors is such a class act, that tournament, obviously, and it's going to be in Canada this year, so that would be an honor to make that team, but it's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, and it's something I'm up for, but again, it's such a prestigious team and I'm just happy to represent Canada at any time.

Q. Do you and Dante kind of push each other through the NHL process, now to make the World Juniors, both you guys going to camp?

TYSON JOST: Yeah, for sure. We have such a great relationship, so we're always kind of pushing each other to the next level I guess you could say, and we lived together those two years in Penticton, so we had a pretty competitive relationship, whenever we were playing ping-pong or just wrestling it was a lot of fun times, but also it really helped us because we got to push each other and we were playing against -- Dante is going to go in the first round I would assume, and we really got to push each other in that sense.

Q. When all this wraps up, what's tonight like for you?

TYSON JOST: I'm going to remember it for a long time. My mom is so special to me. She's a single mom and she raised me all by herself, and to share that moment with her up in the stands there is something I'll never forget and just giving her a hug, it was pretty special. It was kind of my thanks back to her just for all the hard work and sacrifice she gave me and my sister.

Q. Was there anything she said to you in particular as soon as your name was announced?

TYSON JOST: Honestly my mind was just racing. I was so excited. I heard, I'm so proud of you and I love you, all those good things that a mom would say, but my mind was racing so much, I didn't really hear anything.

Q. Did Brock Boeser or any of those guys give you any advice for enjoying this or taking it in this weekend?

TYSON JOST: Yeah, Boeser gave me a text right before this happened and just said, enjoy the moment, it's so awesome. It's pretty incredible to have someone like that to look up to next year. He's a pretty world-class player, and the year he had at North Dakota, I was so surprised that he came back to North Dakota, but again, I just think that speaks to how great that program is there in Grand Forks, and he's going to have a great career in the NHL, too.

Q. Has Coach Berry or any of the coaching staff given you any expectations about what they expect out of you for next year?

TYSON JOST: I want to be an impact player going right in. I'm a competitive person. I want to be on that first line. I want to play with players like Boeser, but anything to help the team win. That's kind of my mentality, and that's someone I really strive to be. I just want to help that team win another national championship, and I want to be an impact player.

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