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Theodore Discusses Trade

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche
Avalanche goaltender Jose Theodore discusses the trade, his days with the Montreal Canadiens and looking forward to his future in Colorado.

Q: How did you find out about your trade to Colorado?
Theodore: "(Montreal) said they made a trade with Denver and I was involved in the trade. That was the first thing (Bob Gainey) told me and then he said that Pierre (Lacroix) would contact me soon. From there I was just anxious to talk to Pierre."

Q: What was your reaction after talking with Pierre?
Theodore: "Well, my reaction was I had great years in Montréal but I was really happy to be part of Colorado. They have been very successful over the past 10 years and have established themselves as a winning franchise. I am very happy to be part of this organization and excited for this challenge."

Q: You've been compared to Patrick Roy before and have been asked about coming here before. Is this more of the same? And your reaction to that?
Theodore: "Well you know, Patrick was one of a kind and I know Patrick mentioned all the time that going to Denver was a great chance for his career and a great chance to win a Stanley Cup. I look at the team, Colorado and we have some great bunch of players and I am looking forward to being a part of that and helping the team win."

Q: Patrick said that Montreal Canadians didn't get enough in return for you, what's your reaction to that?
Theodore: "I think every time a guy like Patrick starts to say something, you really believe what he says. He's not going to say something he doesn't believe. It was good to hear and it's going to be up to me to make sure he's right and prove to everybody that he was right."

Q: How did you hurt your heal and when are you going to be able to play?
Theodore: "Living in Montreal it gets cold and we had had a snow storm and we had a lot of ice. I was going down the stairs outside my house and I just lost my footing and I slid and landed on my heel. I knew it was fractured right away. But now I've had some training and walking with no crutches and looking forward to being back. It's only going to be the doctor that will say when I will be back, but hopefully it will be as soon as possible."

Q: Do you have any kind of ballpark idea?
Theodore: "I'm improving every week and I'm improving a lot and I'm hoping in three weeks ballpark. But then again that is going to be up to the doctors and training staff in Denver."

Q: Can we talk a little bit about your season this year and just how disappointing it's been. Is there any thought in your mind that you can return to that form that you were before?
Theodore: "Oh yeah, for sure. You know this year was a tough season for a lot of goalies, the first thirty games were tough. And you know I was really no exception. I had a tough start and it was tough for me to get a rhythm going. I had a knee injury earlier in the season then I missed a few games and came back and fractured my heel. So there were a lot of factors, but I think I have no doubt in my mind that changing teams and going with another organization is going to be good for my career. I'm really confident that I am going to play well and help the team a big deal."

Q: Were you surprised to be traded? Was there any talk coming up to the trade deadline that you were going to be moved?
Theodore: "It's always surprising. This was the first time I got traded in my career, but I think I was a little surprised by the fact that I have a fractured heel and I was injured, so I was surprised I got traded. It just shows that Pierre really believes in me and the Colorado Avalanche staff believes in me and it's a great confidence booster and I'm just anxious to get back on my skates and being able to help the team. I'm really happy to be there and it's a really big boost knowing that Pierre really wanted me."

Q: Will getting out of Montreal be good for you?
Theodore: "At this point yeah. You know playing 10 years in the same city is a good thing and playing 10 years in Montréal is something that not a lot of players are able to do. So I was lucky to play in my city and having some success here was good, but I think at this point a change was good for my career and it's going to be great in the future."

Q: Do you know much about the Avalanche?
Theodore: "Yeah, I know a lot of the players. I played with Joe Sakic and Rob Blake at the World Cup. I played with Patrice Brisebois for a long time. I know Alex Tanguay really well. Ian Laperriere. So, there are already a lot of guys I know which is going to make me feel really comfortable. Like I said, they are a really good team and every year they are a winning team, they are fighting for winning the Stanley Cup. So, it's fun knowing you are going with a great team like that."

Q: I know you are sick about talking about this...The Propecia incident. You can assure us that you are not Barry Bonds?
Theodore: "When you see me after getting out of the shower, I think you are going to make that thought by yourself. It's pretty obvious that I am not a big guy, so I think there is no question there. It is just something that got really out of proportion because you play in Montreal there is a lot of media. It something in my mind is no issue."

Q: Could you take some teasing about it?
Theodore: "Yeah. I think overall, the people, my teammates, and everything just couldn't believe that some people were thinking that I was taking Propecia. So it was kind of funny in a way."

Q: When do you plan on joining the team?
Theodore: "Well I am talking to Pierre later on and then from there we will make plans. My girlfriend is due any day now for our first kid, so my priority is to make sure I am not going to miss that, but then from there I'm going to talk to Pierre and we will arrange everything."

Q: Have you talked to Patrick?
Theodore: "No, I have not talked to Patrick yet."

Q: What's your girlfriend's name Jose?
Theodore: "Stephanie."

Q: Are you pretty excited about the whole thing?
Theodore: "Oh for sure. She's due here any day and we are really excited. I just want to make sure that I will be beside her when she gives birth."

Q: When you played here earlier, did it ever cross your mind that there was a possibility you could end up here?
Theodore: "Just knowing that Colorado is a nice team and I was talking to Patrice and he was telling me how much he enjoyed Colorado. So I would say to myself this really looks like a nice place to play, but I did not expect myself to get traded there this year. I just looked around and said to myself, what a nice sports city, there are sellout crowds everywhere, there's football, there are a lot of sports. There's not much to say about Denver except I think its one of the best places to play hockey."

Q: Talk about your confidence. You said earlier it took you awhile to get back your rhythm. Is that going to be a problem?
Theodore: "No, right now I'm really anxious to get back on the ice and for me just to go to another organization like Denver is a big boost and I'm really pumped up. I'm anxious to be back and helping the team win some games and help the team to the playoffs. My confidence is really good right now. I'm just hoping to get back as soon as possible."

Q: How hard is it not to be able to play right now?
Theodore: "That is probably the toughest thing. Knowing that even when things aren't going very well over the past few weeks. Knowing that you can't be making a difference and you can't be out there helping your team, that's really tough. I'm training really hard right now and as soon as I'm 100%, I'm going to go out there and show everybody what I can do."

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