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Team Smile

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche

Let’s talk about smiles for a second. A smile is the key to expressing happiness and breaking down language barriers between different people and cultures; the best form of communication. Though we smile without thinking throughout the day, we underestimate the power of smiling. For some people, this can be a challenge. Not because they want to hide their smiles from the world, but because in their opinion, their teeth aren’t pretty or perfect enough. Everyone deserves to be proud of their teeth and share their smiles! This isn’t just a matter of expression, this is a health concern. No one should have to suffer from the pain of dental imperfections. Last week, we got to meet an awesome group of people dedicated to providing dental care and helping create beautiful smiles!

TeamSmile is a non-profit organization that partners with various dentists, sports teams, and healthcare companies to make every stop around the country a special experience. They provide dental care for kids who may not be able to afford the basic check-up or procedure.

Avs Ice Girls with TeamSmile

When we showed up to KIPP Denver Schools, the entire gym was a dental office filled with many kids who were anxious to go through the process. Dentists and dental hygienists were scattered everywhere, ready to care for the children. Everything was organized by stations; from check-in, to x-ray, to cleanings. There was a DJ on site and we encouraged children to dance with us before and after their visit to the dentist. The “Cupid Shuffle” was the favorite song of the day and we had a blast bustin’ a move!

We were so excited to be involved that day. Most of the children were all smiles, very outgoing, and so sweet! The staff that ran the event was incredible; very patient and made such a huge impact on the lives of the children there. We’re so happy that an organization like TeamSmile can provide such a great service to the community and we are very fortunate to have spent a day with such a wonderful group of students and professionals. Not every kid walked into the gym smiling, but I can guarantee that they all walked out smiling from ear-to-ear with pearly whites!

We want to say thank you to KIPP Denver Schools for having us! TeamSmile, thank you for bringing the community together and doing something so unique to better the world; we had an awesome day with all of you!

-Samantha & Paolina

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