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Matt Duchene Takes Over Twitter

Colorado's forward answered fan questions online

by Ryan Boulding @rboulding /

Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene took over the club's Twitter account on Friday to answer fan questions ahead of Opening Night at Pepsi Center.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Hey #Avs fans, @Matt9Duchene is here taking your questions. Use #NextEra to submit!

Tweet from @Avalanche: Yeah! Can���t wait for the game tonight.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Yeah, for sure. It���s a big honor and responsibility. I���ll do my absolute best to help the team on and off the ice.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Getting back out in front of our fans, for sure. Also just getting back on the ice in a game situation with my teammates.

Tweet from @Avalanche: He���s great! He���s missing the cottage back in Canada, but he loves his back yard here in Denver as well.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Nashville, for obvious reasons haha.

Tweet from @Avalanche: The guys have been awesome. I think they���re going to add a real great element to our team this season.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Not my pizza!

Tweet from @Avalanche: Yes, of course! My jersey is framed in my rec room at my cottage.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Tippin��� Point, for sure!

Tweet from @Avalanche: Ju-jubes.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Our post-win song on the plane this year is going to be Huntin, Fishin and lovin every day��� and our post-loss song is absolutely nothing, ha

Tweet from @Avalanche: Right now, I���ve got songs by @LukeBryanOnline, @FLAGALine, @coleswindell and @JustinColeMoore.

Tweet from @Avalanche: You bet! ��

Tweet from @Avalanche: There are so many great ones, but one guy that always gives me trouble is Quick.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Both were amazing. Winning an Olympic gold medal was unreal, but playing in front of our home fans in Toronto was pretty incredible as well.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Favorite album: 21st Century Breakdown.Favorite song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Not a big hot dog eater (not great for the diet) but I���m a just ketchup type of guy.

Tweet from @Avalanche: We���re feeling good! Can���t wait to get started tomorrow night.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Right now, it would be May We All by @FLAGALine.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Sakic and Forsberg, of course!

Tweet from @Avalanche: Not a lot, but because of the World Cup making my season start earlier I ramped things up a little quicker in August.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Depends. I like the new stuff but some of it is really cheesy. It���s always tough to beat the real classics, though.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Wrist or snap shot.

Tweet from @Avalanche: .@bigbangtheory, @Nashville_ABC and @Suits_USA .

Tweet from @Avalanche: Yes, absolutely! All of us take great pride in opening the season on a good note.

Tweet from @Avalanche: It was @ericchurch at Red Rocks back in May of 2012.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Tough to argue with Patrick Kane right now.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Keep your stick on the ice! ��

Tweet from @Avalanche: The game obviously was awesome, but playing guitar with @leebrice was also a highlight.

Tweet from @Avalanche: .@bernienicholls9 is from my hometown and wore white skates. I was going to switch back to black after a year of wearing them. (1/2)

Tweet from @Avalanche: My junior teammates told me I couldn���t because I wouldn���t look the same. So I kept them and haven���t switched since. (2/2)

Tweet from @Avalanche: Haha, I���m not sure but somebody much better looking than I am! ��

Tweet from @Avalanche: Iron Man.

Tweet from @Avalanche: I caught a 4lb walleye.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Haha, no just the one in Brampton, Stu!

Tweet from @Avalanche: TAG on Larimer St. is definitely one of our favorites! Make sure you check it out.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Every year my fiancee and I watch the Harry Potter marathon that���s on TV.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Yeah, her dad is a friend of ours and a big promoter of our community.

Tweet from @Avalanche: It���s @AaronRodgers12.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Also @BringerOfRain20 for my @BlueJays!

Tweet from @Avalanche: I have two:1. Being drafted by the #Avs.2. Winning the Olympic gold in Sochi.

Tweet from @Avalanche: Thanks, #Avs fans! Hope to see you guys tomorrow night at Pepsi Center. Thanks for all your amazing support!

*Coming to Opening Night? With construction going on in and around the arena, including the closure of 12th Street, we anticipate increased travel times. Please make sure to leave early and give yourself plenty of time to arrive. Plan accordingly so you don't miss a minute of the excitement. The game starts at 7 p.m. as we look forward to the #NextEra of Colorado Avalanche hockey.

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