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Making the Squad

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche

Hey Avalanche Fans!

Sammie and Paolina here, posting our very first blog. We are so happy and honored to be a part of this new team, and really appreciate all of the support so far! Today, we are going to go back to the first ever Avs Ice Girls’ audition process.

From the moment the audition information was released, to the actual audition, the nerves began to build. What to expect? What skating would be required? How long would the audition be? How many girls are going to make the team? All of these questions and more began to run through our heads. After what seemed like a year, it was audition time. Saturday, July 13, 2013, that’s where we started this amazing journey!

Ice Girls Audition Blog

It was gloomy and rainy on that Saturday night. As we all started to arrive at the Ice Ranch, there was a huge circle of chairs filled with beautiful and talented women who were all there for the same reason! We lined up at 7 pm, turned in our resumes, headshots, and other paperwork and received our audition numbers, 15 and 16 for us.

All of the ladies auditioning were asked to skate through an obstacle course, including things like front and back crossovers, shoveling snow, and sprints in groups of three. The beginning was pretty nerve-wracking, but so exciting. Each girl did one last check to make sure their hair and make-up was perfect. We hit the ice and everyone seemed at home. After all the groups skated the judges left to deliberate…that seemed to take forever!

The judges came down to make their announcement and wouldn’t you know it our numbers 15 and 16 were called out. We made the first cut! The two of us couldn’t have been more ecstatic! We had skated together at the same rink when we were younger so it was great to have a familiar face to go through this process with. The following week we had to go to Pepsi Center for formal interviews with the Colorado Avalanche staff and the rest is history…we made the team!

We can’t wait for our fans to get to know us better through our blog this season! Stop by Pepsi Center and see us soon! Go Avs Go!

~Paolina & Sammie

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