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Hangin' Out at the Barking Dog Cafe in Lyons

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche

We got the opportunity to go to Barking Dog Café with Bernie in Lyons, CO. If you recall, Lyons was hit pretty hard with the flooding that devastated much of Colorado in September. One of the first things we saw on Main Street was a group of people packaging bags of supplies and unloading food, water, etc. from a truck. It made us sad but at the same time, wow, what a great community of people! There were adults, children, families, and neighbors volunteering their time and efforts to rebuild the town. It also showed us that the process of recovery and rebuilding from the flood isn’t over yet. Even in the midst of broken roads, damaged homes, and a cold wind sweeping through; Lyons emanated comfort and warmth. We knew it was going to be a great day!

We arrived at Barking Dog Café and began meeting a lot of people from the community. They were all so sweet and welcoming! You would never guess they’d been battling with the consequences of a natural disaster because everyone had a smile a mile wide. Kids came running up, eager to meet Bernie and give him a hug or a high five; it was extremely gratifying. Bernie kept everyone laughing with his silly jokes and the atmosphere was wonderful. He even made some coffee behind the counter! We also met a little girl who was thinking about playing hockey. We told her it’s a sport like no other and that she should definitely start skating! Her dad laughed and gave us high-fives and said, “YES! Thank you!”

Avs Ice Girls at Barking Dog Cafe

It was great to meet some of our fans who we may not have seen yet this year due to road damage. Lyons is a unique community with so many big-hearted people that we felt at home. We were so happy to be there with Bernie and to share this fun morning with them! In this town, even after all they’ve been through; everyone still smiles and says good morning. They embrace the work, they embrace each other, and most importantly, they have positive attitudes. We couldn’t have picked a better group of people to spend my Saturday morning with; hopefully we will see you all soon!

Thank you so much for having us Barking Dog Café and Lyons. We had a wonderful time and you’re an incredible group of people. We admire your hard work and dedication to your community!

-Samantha & Kara B.

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