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Getting To Know: Travis Barron

The forward was Colorado's seventh-round selection in 2016

by Matt Shwayder /

Travis Barron was Colorado's sixth selection (seventh round, 191st overall) in the 2016 NHL Draft. The left-handed forward stands at 6-foot-1 and 195 pounds and has been playing in the Ontario Hockey League for the past three years. 

Barron, a native of Brampton, Ontario, had 13 goals and 21 assists (34 points) last season as the captain of the Ottawa 67's. He is attending his second Avalanche Development Camp.

Barron recently talked with about being drafted, camp and getting ready for the upcoming season.

How did you find out that the Avalanche drafted you last year?

"Last year, I was interested in the draft of course. It had been my childhood dream you know, so my family and I decided to go golfing, and you hear a bunch of stuff about where you think you're going to go, but I had no idea where I was going to go or who was going to pick me. Anyway, we were out on the golf course and on the first hole, and I hadn't been picked yet and I'm kind of getting frustrated. I had a bad drive there, and then my second shot I whiffed again and my third shot I whiffed again.

"Finally, I was on the green about five feet out about to putt it, and as soon as I am about to putt my phone started going crazy and people are saying congrats you're going to--actually first of all, my phone said, 'Congrats you're going to the Habs!' from my buddy. And I was like okay, 'Mom, Dad, I just got drafted by Montreal. I am so excited!' More phone calls came in and they said Colorado, and I was ecstatic. It was just a really good family moment for me, and it was a fun day."


How did you finish that round?

"I actually finished really well. I was a lot more relaxed and not so tense." 


How has camp been so far, and how does it compare to last year?

"I was here last year and it was really hard work, and it is this year, as well. It's a grind, you know. You're up early and going to bed late, so they're long days, but where would you rather be? This is our dream, and this is why we are here. We are all excited, and it is going really well."


Talk about your OHL experience, and what you have gained from it as a player?

"You know, three years in that league is a long time, and I feel like I came a long way. Especially after my third season that I just finished, I felt like I matured as a person and a player in a very big way. For example, they named me captain a month into the season, and I'm only 18. So that was a huge accomplishment, and I'm really proud and honored to say that. I helped the young guys out, but the older guys still help me. You know, I'm still trying to develop and grow as a player. I love that league and I love Ottawa, and it's just baby steps in my career."


What is your favorite hockey memory?

"In my OHL Draft year, we won the city championship against a really good Toronto Marlies team. They have a lot of high end draft picks on that team and people doubted us, but we proved them wrong and we beat them. It was an eight-game series actually (first team to eight points). We beat them in eight games, so that is my favorite memory so far."


What are your current goals going into this season?

"I want to be the hardest working player, and hopefully I can get a contract with the Avs sometime soon. I want to be with this organization. I would start tomorrow if I could. It's a long journey and I understand that, but just to continue to grow and mature as a person."


Who do you model your game after?

"You know, there's a bunch of guys you could say you model your game after. I'd love to say a Jamie Benn, but he is a super-star. Hopefully one day I can develop into that. He's a guy I look up to. He plays the game tough, he's skilled, and I really like that."


Pre-game meal?

"Chicken and Rice!"


Favorite movie and why?

"I'm going to go with Step Brothers… hilarious."


Best day on the calendar?



Best moment in hockey history, in your opinion?

"I'd say Miracle on Ice, but I'm Canadian, so I can't say that. So I'll go with Sidney Crosby's golden goal."

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